I always think about participating in NanoWriMo but I prefer vim

LinkedIn: "4 people viewed your profile: stay anonymous and see who viewed it."
Me to myself: "How did they know I'm Anonymous!?!?!"

In January I'll be doing a live stream series building a app in Expo for iOS and web. Check out my introduction video here: youtu.be/UNGFDVrGQtk

When I was your age, CD wasn't the release philosophy, it was the release medium.

Can't get elder scrolls online to work on ubuntu for some reason, even while using proton. Everything is just black and the installer doesn't work. Anyone have the same issue?

Every time we start our van it connects to my wife's phone via Bluetooth and starts playing a random song in her library that's inappropriate for children. This is your regular reminder that wireless audio is terrible.

“We need to stop saying ‘blacklist’ and ‘whitelist’” and use ‘blocklist’ and ‘allowlist’ instead, because it insults Black people to use ‘black’ as a metaphor for ‘blocked’.

Amazing, Amazon actually made a web page that *describes* some of their esoterically-named services, and how they work together! aws.amazon.com/serverless/

You use dark mode because you're an app developer? I use *light* mode because I'm an app developer, because I pull up App Store Connect and it's like

Bluesky was announced in December 2019. It is now December 2021. The community Discord server is still arguing about what identity is.

Too many articles about GraphQL have introductions to what GraphQL is. If you don't know what GraphQL is, you have no need to read an article on "Testing the Security of GraphQL APIs" blog.forcesunseen.com/a-primer

It's a real commitment to an error to write an article about TypeScript and capitalize the S, but consistently lowercase the S in JavaScript except for one paragraph (likely one written by someone else) codeascraft.com/2021/11/08/ets

JavaScript is worse than your preferred programming language.

That said, I have some bad news for you about the relationship between "worse" and "better".

Every year the sexual-assault Christmas song gets more and more awkward. You know the one. Could we not?

It's maybe not a great sign for originality when your startup's name today sounds like the name I came up for my "business" building video games when I was in high school in the 90s.

"GitHub is down. I bet now you wish you'd taken the time to set up, maintain, perform regular backups, and apply security patches to your own self-hosted git installation."

Why no, actually.

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