Me: "I don't want to use a number significant to me in this password, like [example number significant to me]. I'll use an RNG instead."
RNG: [gives me the number significant to me that i just said]

📰 Future of Coding Weekly

🛸 Visual #Clojure
🕸️ Edge Multiplayer Apps
📢 LIVE 2021 Program
💡 Reinventing Music & Wheels


Just mistyped heroku as "heroky" and I guess that's the redneck version:

"Bubba you ain't need to be building no kubernetes cluster, just push it on up to heroky. Git 'er done!"

This conversion of my app to Expo Web is going so well that I'll probably decide to convert all my side projects to Expo Web and then immediately pendulum back.

Starbucks' app lost the order I placed, and I sat in a drive-thru line for 20 min before finding this out. If even Starbucks can't get that right, I'm pretty sure it's just not worth placing drive thru orders through apps.

Having someone else, a WP professional, be the main one responsible, and me primarily just messing around in the admin console, also seems like an improvement 😃

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Looking into helping my new church with a little WordPress. I won't say WP is fine now, but Gutenberg, WPEngine, and Local do seem like improvements.

I managed to avoid learning React Navigation today by putting in a hack instead 😗👌

Class introductory session: begins
Coordinator: "So, this is just a.."
Me: "So we all probably want a class chat yea? Signal's great, I'm setting up Signal. It's set up! Ye'd better join here: <link>"

Best defence (against Facebook) is an aggressive offence

Today, I'm afraid, is the day I will learn React Navigation in detail.

(No criticism of the library; it's a very hard problem to solve. I'm just resigned to diving into the as-yet-unabstracted-away complexity 😃)

🎮🍿 Hey Luigi, how is the search for Bowser coming along?

If you use #GMail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt, and even if you didn't buy the product from them. Here's metadata from my takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc. #privacy

Replaying , I'm realizing my first playthrough was really a minimal platinum trophy run. There's a lot of content I didn't get to see. Gonna try to see a lot more of it this time: all power armors, unique equipment, etc.

Aw man, the Mastodon client I forked now has an issue with the display of custom emoji in the display name. Hope they are able to fix it; I need my fork of this client for my mental health.

Someone who did a Zelda timeline video pronounced "Lorule" as "Laurel." Surely it's never spoken like that in the game or marketing, right? Like, did you not get the joke?

Every iOS version includes new features I have to turn off. What is this, Ruby on Rails?

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