The past year was the first year in my life where I didn’t get a cold, the flu, or some other winter lurgy.

So you can absolutely count on me continuing to use masks in public, especially during flu season.

When you have a small idea that's adding your two cents.

When you have a huge world-changing idea that's a whole new pair o' dime.

“Babel is used by millions, so why are we running out of money?”

This doesn’t surprise me. The purpose of the web software industry is to extract value out of OSS. Everything is built under the misconception that OSS is abundant, replaceable, and free.

What bug frustrates you so much that you would legitimately take a job with the company, fix the bug as your first pull request, then put in your two weeks' notice? Mine is this:

'Present Any Evidence' — Jon Ossoff Calls Out Ted Cruz On Voter Fraud Lies

iMovie was just now using 700% of my CPU (whatever that means) while doing nothing. I was surprised to see this as I *assume* it's not implemented in Electron.

Got sent an Apple News link and trying to find a way to get the real web site link, but if it's possible it's very hidden. What a garbage, web-hostile product.

The other day, me fighting with my computer: "Why are you doing that? I didn't tell you to do that."
@owashii from the other room: "It's a computer, you expect it to listen to you?"
Alexa/Echo Dot (wake word is set as "computer"): "Sorry, I didn't catch that..."


A garbage poll phrasing by PBS Newshour. Science has been politicized by the Republican Party resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

my new hobby is to read the word "fetching" as an adjective instead of a verb whenever it appears in software

Got an idea for a relatively simple way to combine two existing JS libraries to get a potentially powerful result. Trying a PoC now.

The problem with weeb assembly is that it doesn't have direct access to weeb sockets

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It's easy to make a friend. What's hard is to make a stranger.

Pastor John Pavlovitz always speaks plainly but compassionately.

"This resistance to getting the shots isn’t based on reliable evidence that suggests any medical risk, it is simply the putrid fruit of a political movement that has trafficked in conspiracy from day one of this disaster: with the former president spending months downplaying the virus, debating the death toll, mocking mask-wearers, pushing phony cures, and turning safeguards into a form of anti-American oppression."

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