Hey guess what I'm getting a big ol surgery, help me out with some of the hella costs


bought a ton of graphic novels yesterday

Infinity War
Civil War 1 & 2

Looking forward to revisiting infinity war and finally reading through civil war on my upcoming trip

im excited for captain marvel. wish it was coming out sooner

hands are cold? using a laptop?

docker prune -af

hands are now nice and toasty.

just got sent a screenshot of a stackoverflow answer instead of a link... i mean, thanks for the answer, but like, wouldn't a link have been easier?

linus torvalds hot take 

i spent some time this weekend messing about with Angular and I think i much prefer it to React. Im not sure what it is but my brain just can't grok React project design.

ADHD, medication 

unpopular Arkham knight opinion 

unpopular Arkham knight opinion 

Despite its lackluster puddle sizes I’ve decided to preorder Spider-Man for ps4.

Last boost, holy shit apparently that’s a thing??? That’s super concerning since my whole turn based combat sys runs on coroutines

Catch me on the PAX show floor hurriedly patching out every coroutine where I can’t afford to have the call get dropped entirely, BECAUSE APPARENTLY THAT’S A THING THAT HAPPENED MULTIPLE TIMES YESTERDAY?

Shuttle home is playing all old school punk but then switched to the matrix reloaded soundtrack and this is hella ok with me

My clothes smell like gunpowder and weed... it was a fun weekend

spent most of the day fighting with code and unit tests that were written for *nix paths to get them passing on windows :S

If you like #cyberpunk but don't like "SJWs", LGBTQ+people, people with dark skin, etc., you don't actually like cyberpunk. I don't know what it is you like, but it's not cyberpunk.

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