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What's that we see over the horizon? Could it be a brand new project on @codeberg?

lcrq is our first new project on Codeberg.

What is lcrq? Well @dentangle is glad you asked that.

The migration to @codeberg is finally complete! If you notice anything missing or broken, please let us know. Our code can now be found at

@RyunoKi @codeberg Wait, has codeberg a pages function like GitHub or Gitlab?

Ah ok, will check. Didn't think about Github since Fedilab is now on @codeberg

I honestly forgot about Github and this makes me more happy than it realisticly should ;)

@wilhelm @apps

Show the world that you are now using , by adding a badge to your repo's README or website: 💙

Hey #FOSS communities! If you are moving away from #github (which you should), consider @codeberg.

If you like GitLab more than Gitea or need its advanced CI capabilities, and are (remotely) linked to education, you are also welcome on our platform!


We're in the process of moving the issue tracker and primary repo over to @codeberg! Please bear with us, CI is still a bit rocky over there but we'll do our best to work around the problems. The GitHub will remain for the time being and PRs will be accepted in either place until the migration is complete.

#monocles chat v1.5.4 is available on #codeberg !
Please update from v1.5.3 and let us know what you think about the improvements:
* blue date bubble
* show history of edited messages
* auto resend failed messages
* increased avatar size
* Bugfixes
* upgraded libs and dependencies

You can download it on

Librecast has always hosted our own git repos, but we also maintain a public mirror separately at github.

Due to the post by @conservancy, we have decided to start the migration process of our code from github to @codeberg .

Our main library librecast is @

But we have some other tools you can check out as well. All of course themed around #multicast.

@ta180m @lienrag @Longplay_Games @james @humanetech @codeberg I think I put together a script to migrate all of your repos automatically
It has a minor bug of inserting "null" into repo descriptions that have none on GH, but eh

How to #GiveUpGitHub when a lot of project just use their GitHub page as their homepage (
My script offers a way to create automatically a standalone page on your website, from your project’s Readme. It helps establishing a GitHub-independent presence with little efforts.
For instance is built this way!

@conservancy @codeberg

With all this talk about Copilot over at Github... Shout-out to a great growing community of a truly free/libre software forge experience. -- Keep up the great work! :blobheart:

@codeberg For Codeberg users, this also includes notifications. So please check if you have any missed!

@jeang3nie I've been using #Codeberg as my primary too. I still have GH and GL accounts, but I prefer @codeberg.

#Sourcehut is also great and I enjoy the blog posts by @sir, who is its creator.

Newly published: #Weather 3.19

- open calendar when date is clicked (TimeWidget)
- divider in hour forecast improved/fixed
- fix for height problems (AppWidget)
- seventh item re-added to the daily forecast widget
- updated translations

Available now in my repo ( and on #Codeberg ( Soon also in the official #FDroid repo.

I have moved one of my domains from gitlab pages over to @codeberg pages. The automatic LetsEncrypt certificate is even easier than in GitLab IMO. BTW, is there a way to have two different domains pointing to the same site without redirection?

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