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- Short-term, we had no suggestion for a quick implementation aside from disallowing disposable emails and tor access.


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- Less support for disposable one-time email addresses, as a good use case is still to be reported. (Only one request via anon DM without explanation why).
- Desire for proper per-repo and user rate limits for issue and comment submission,/also implementation of reputation score (users who submitted productive content in the past are less affected by limits). Unfortunately this is a long-term project contributors still has to show up for.

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Status report and wrap-up up of poll discussion and decision since yesterday:

- Spam attacks continue, fine-grained blocks are circumvented quickly using another anonymous email provider for registration. All attacks come via tor switching IPs every few requests.
- Many expressed sympathy to keep access via tor network open as there are valid use cases (repressive countries etc).


POLL, please comment if you have an opinon: is being spammed by users using one-time/disposable email services and TOR connections. These spam projects with thousands of bogus issue comments, cause pain for project owners, and spam their notification email inbox. Also, Codeberg's SMTP reputation is harmed.

We consider disabling access via TOR and one-time email providers to maintain smooth operation for all users.

What do you think? Is there a better approach?
Please have your say.

Gentle reminder for all Codeberg e.V. members: this weekend it is time for our annual member assembly as announced in our last monthly letters. We will present and discuss our annual report, brainstorm ideas, and simply have a great time.

Those of you who cannot make it, no worries. As online-first organization all membership rights can be exercised online.

Looking forward to meet you all in person!

Yours truly,
Codeberg e.V.

@tklk @ashimokawa we have currently an active issue spammer (creating huge numbers of bogus issues and comments). Have you ever discussed issue/comment rate limiting to restrict trolls?

If you are looking for a Git server based in Europe, there is @codeberg.

We are hosting our blog content there, providing full transparency of all changes:

There is also a mirror of our InfoSec blog on

You can support the German Codeberg e.V. by donating our applying for a membership. One of our contributors is an active Codeberg member.

#codeberg #git

Exactly one year ago, on January 1st, has launched. We are happy that you all joined our journey, it has been an exciting year!

We are looking forward to the next! Happy New Year!

@rdg @codeberg
You have to supply your github login/pw or token so that you can migrate (needed to use the API without restrictions), then the checkboxes appear where you can select issues/PRs etc

@ashimokawa how is the experience in @codeberg? I'm looking for alternative platforms for collaboration

@codeberg Thanks! That's a very good starting point. I've been meaning to look into drone-ci for a while now. Sadly I can't find the time to set that up any time soon.

Nevertheless started a project on #codeberg where CI is not that important and I really have to say: I'm loving it.

Via :

Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media. The goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard. 🧵

Full thread at:

Hi. Vielleicht wäre es günstig, Einmalspenden zuzulassen. Vielleicht sogar in Bitcoin, o.ä.
Ich weiß schon, laufende Serverkosten usw.
Könnte mir aber vorstellen, dass sich dann noch mehr Spender finden

#Gadgetbridge is fully on @codeberg now!

Repo, Wiki, Issues, PRs everything is there!

So, participants, go and grab an account there if not happened already!

a great number of people made suggestions (thank you everyone who took time out of their days to write some stranger to help them!)

I decided to go with @codeberg - it is a hosted Gitea instance backed by a german "Verein" which is a construct I think is well suited for what I'm looking for. They are financed by donations and (apparently voluntary) memberships.

Find me at

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