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@codeberg cue everyone with any automated code that calls upon codeberg to check their code to make sure there's no infinite loops or anything going on! 😆

We have seen a huge surge of TCP connect requests (could be some evil guy trying DOS or a bodged attempt to write a crawler/bot) that led to a downtime of a few min.

All systems back online now. Please excuse any inconvenience caused.

What's your favorite projects on @codeberg?

Please share. Mine's as the following:

1. Switching Software

2. Spyware Watchdog

3. Codeberg Documentation

4. ForgeFed

5. Linux Cafe Federation

6. Tirnanog Adventure, Action, RPG Game Maker

7. Liblast Libre Blast FPS Game

8. Libreda Libre Silicon Chips

9. FreeCAD

10. Ladue Computer Science

Tip: use search feature to find projects you love.

#Codeberg #giveupgithub #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #GNU #Linux #SelfHosting

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@codeberg, this might be a good excuse to see if anyone can make something similar for Codeberg/Gitea!
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Looks like we're under attack. We were monitoring packet storms and high load for two hours, but were two slow in blocking IP ranges until we went unreachable 😕

@ehashman this is why i was really glad to read that @codeberg is structured like a cooperative; i want to see more people moving in that direction.

But it already works with @WoodpeckerCI on @codeberg, so I just git push from my laptop and the website gets updated automagically! Who needs GitHub Pages :)

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Is there an audience or interest in watching programmers write code?

The promised blog entry on the outage a few days ago has still not appeared, @codeberg :(

I'm really glad to see so many people use @codeberg nowadays.

I've tried to make the switch away from GitHub to another hoster myself several times and got bitten every time, so I am not going to switch myself soon.

However, I am somewhat optimistic about Codeberg. They seem to have momentum nobody else has and they may actually end up surviving.

I will definitely keep naming Codeberg as an option for people looking for a host, I wish them luck!

So in case you’re wondering (like I was) why @gitea is not hosted on Gitea but still at GitHub, it’s apparently because they’re locked in by GitHub who are drip feeding them their data with extremely low rate limits.

This is an outrage.

A trillion-dollar company (Microsoft) is holding a free and open source competitor’s repository hostage on their systems.

Who do we pressure at GitHub to provide Gitea with all their data ASAP?


#GitHubGate #Gitea #dataPortability #lockIn

Woodpecker CI (closed beta) is also back up now.

We'll post more details about the incident on our blog soon.

The total downtime of our Gitea infrastructure was about 65 minutes.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for all the trouble caused.

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The network filesystem is restored and Gitea is back up without data loss.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We might have found an unrelated issue with our CI (closed beta), but we'll focus on monitoring the production network.

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Now we know more about the issue - as usual, a cascade of problems.

We're hoping to get it fixed ASAP. We decided to let the service stay down to avoid potential data inconsistency and focus on bringing the whole network back up.

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Hey everyone, we are having an unexpected downtime with our network filesystem after rebooting one of our servers. We're keeping it offline for investigation until we can ensure that no file system inconsistencies are caused.

Sorry for the trouble, we'll keep you posted.

The last repos I had on are now fully transferred to other platforms including #Codeberg. The @codeberg migration tool is amazingly snappy and super easy to use. Basically it took careful selection of what goes to what platform, and then running the following on all the local instances:

git remote set-url origin

I also deleted my essential repos from #Gitlab . Now they can save all those spaces they need.

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