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@codeberg are there registration problems these days?
I've been stuck in the confirmation phase since about a day now, and I didn't receive anything in either Inbox or Spam...
I'm using my main address, where other emails arrive just fine.

Brought up my first static page for a custom domain on @codeberg - with an automagic #letsencrypt cert. Nice! I guess I am ready to move my repos over :)

(For the record, the remediation request has been submitted and we do not know how long it takes to get processed and remediated.)

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Dear all, if you had problems signing up to and do not receive activation emails: we received logs that Cloudmark CSI blocks codeberg MX (possibly because recent publicity via @conservancy led to a spike in new user activations detected as anomaly?)
To bypass, please remove
Cloudmark CSI from RBL lists from your SMTP server config.

(FWIW we have seen this repeatedly in the past and our MX has been repeatedly blocked and unblocked for this particular player in the past.)

Just #GiveUpGitHub by deleting my account, and when I did, I couldn't help but smile. Now there is one less thing keeping me attached to microsoft. For anyone looking to do the same and trying to give their software a new home, checkout @gitea or if you are unable to self host, use @codeberg .

Yep. It's right about time.

Personally, I already have started using @codeberg .
I'm hosting my latest pet project there and I'm going to move others out from GitHub and Gitlab as soon as I'll have the time to do it.


So, uh... #GiveUpGitHub

I knew I had to give it up when I started #interpeer. Went with GitLab instead as the lesser of the major evils.

Now we're fully on @codeberg , since a small number of months ago.

Way ahead of the curve, it seems.

Still looking for an alternative to ? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
Join a growing community of developers at today, the and community-maintained -Hosting and alternative! 💻

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GitNex 4.4.0 is out with Wiki and PR commits support.

🎉 Features 🎉
- List/view wiki pages
- Create/edit/delete wiki page
- Add support for pull request commits

We have pushed code editor feature to next release for better refinements.

#gitnex #gitea #android #codeberg

I have just released ./badges v2.2.0 (a generator for privacy-friendly README badges), featuring a bugfix in CLI argument parsing, a new flag for printing version information and an improved build/release process. Get it on @codeberg at

so in #vscode it's super easy to create a git repo and publish it to #github

if we can have something like that for #codeberg , that would be nice

yeah, I know I'm locked in

Please join us and by visiting and while you are still on , adding information to your README that you do not agree with GitHub's policies and monopolized place in our community.

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What about a big fediverse emoji collection on @codeberg?
Like the one from @puniko, but bigger, where everyone can upload there emojis, so we all could use the emojis from another...

I have already created an organisation.

please :boost_ok:

Tagging @stux, @volpeon
and anyone else you would like to tag... (These were the first people I imagined, who maybe want to share some of their emojis. 😁​)

#Codeberg #emojis #collections #repository

Migration is done!

ESO Linux Addon Manager has moved here:

Artificial Rage has moved here:

Github repos are still up as mirrors, but actual releases will be on @codeberg !

is now hosted on @codeberg too!
Migration from Github was very smooth and fast.

Feels good not being restricted under a closed-source platform.

repo link:

@gitea needs your help to implement #ActivityPub 🙏

Browse the task list maintained by @ta180m at, pick one and help #Gitea move towards #federation. If you are not sure how to help, just reply and someone in the @forgefriends community will guide you.

🚀 boost appreciated!

If you're interested in contributing to #Gitea #federation, I updated an old comment I wrote:

The two most important links are:

- for learning ActivityPub and ForgeFed

- The big task list tracker:

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