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Just wondering... how many of you developers use #tea? (if you use #gitea of course!)

I just released a tiny project (a shell script really) on @codeberg, that you can use if you want to license your project directly from your terminal:

@grischa @inkscape @codeberg Inkscape can be installed on chromebooks.

Also I have a highly experimental (and temperamental) version of Inkscape running in a browser. Needs investment and interest. So far, not much interest in it.

I'm going to try streaming myself working on #Gitea #federation on PeerTube:

Feel free to ask questions in the chat about Gitea federation development! In today's stream, I'll be working on implementing federated starring by first figuring out how to handle remote repositories in the database.

This is my first time in 6 months streaming on PeerTube, so I hope my setup still works...

Great news today: We welcome the 25001th user to Codeberg. Thank you for your trust and support, for your donations and suggestions.

Together we can fight the proprietary monopoly and create a vivid community of Free Software developers. Feel free to join us, if you haven't already.

Our timeline is filled with people celebrating that plans to offer a freemium version of for the browser.

Just in case you didn't know:
, @krita, @inkscape, and many other great graphics tools are already available - free/libre to use, free to improve, free to share. Check them out! 💙

A gentle introduction to the gitea doctor

While helping people with their upgrades in the Gitea forum or at the Hostea clinic, I realized that few Gitea admins know about the gitea doctor command and decided to write this blog post as a gentle introduction. An apple a day keeps the doctor away Or in our case, Gitea versions below 1.11.5. Since then, the gitea doctor is available and is designed to run against a specific Gitea version.

#rss #gitea

I wrote another blog post about #Gitea #federation and the recent Gitea <-> Mastodon federation milestone.

It's nontechnical so you don't have to know anything about ActivityPub to read it!

v3 is live. Apart from heavy refactoring for future-proof development, we now support custom 404 Error Pages.

Just add a 404.html to your repo, and we'll show it each time you forgot to update a link 😉

v3 is live. Apart from heavy refactoring for future-proof development, we now support custom 404 Error Pages.

Just add a 404.html to your repo, and we'll show it each time you forgot to update a link 😉

New beta release for #Fedilab (v21):

This release should avoid jumps in timelines, it automatically deals between cache & server for fetching messages.

Please report issues on our #CodeBerg repo at:

There are some fixes listed here:

There's a little script I had originally written years ago and that I kept migrating when switching laptops: It notifies you when your tea is done!

No more black teas that are ruined because I forgot to take the tea out in time! <3

To no longer worry about forgetting to copy/backup the file and so that others can maybe find joy in it as well I put it up on #codeberg now!

#tea #teatime #bash

We've some lucky numbers to share!
24688 users are interested in your work: 36677 times people clicked the "Watch" button on a repo.
Great progress: Codeberg users did the 66668th release.
Focus on your work: There are 998 milestones in your projects.

Thanks and keep going!

We've been testing this for a while now: People moving from proprietary platforms like and .com will now have less friction moving to : They can simply "sign in " via OAuth from these platforms.

🦊 Firefox Monoline ❤️

Out of procrastination, the day before my Political Philosophy exam, as if I had nothing better to do, I created 🦊 Firefox Monoline a tiny, simple, yet beautiful customization to the #Firefox #UI.

This customization has one unique purpose: everything in the toolbars is minimized to a single line.

Please, do share what you think!

For all of #Firefox intensive users as I am, I believe it is game-changing.


🧹 Remove clutter and make Firefox toolbar as essential as possible 🚀
🚗 Compact mode support
⚠️ Preserve icons and functionalities for which no ⌨️ keyboard shortcut exists
✅ Non-breaking implementation
💡 Do you have a suggestion? Share it here)!

Proudly hosted on Codeberg #codeberg @codeberg

GitHub mirror

Starting to like my #Bash prompt. No bloaty plugins, but some nice features:

• if previous command ran for more than 5s, show the total time it took in the next prompt
• show return code if ≠ 0
• if it’s been over a minute between the prompt and the user finishing typing and hitting return, add a small “updated timestamp” thingie before running the command

Current version on @codeberg at, it’s still a work in progress though

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