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Codeberg is a truly free and open-source service replacing Github for those who don't want to have their code recycled and sold by Microsoft line by line.

The service is built on the excellent open-source Gitea project, it's funded an maintaned by a community of users.
learn more from @codeberg :)

#Git #Github #Microsoft #Gitea #Codeberg #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Libre

@gitea @NGIZero @dachary This is absolutely a huge deal!

It also hopefully means that @codeberg will be able to federate with other forges!

I just registered at codeberg, too. I'd like to move a few small projects, before I get completely stradnded on github.
Tiny detail: according to the url, you "sing_up" to the service. 🎢

I just created a #codeberg account and have to say: whoever is in charge of the sign-up procedure has my thanks!

When seeing the captcha I frowned, thinking: "Oh no, will have to enable all sorts of third party scripts, cross site scripts, etc. now for this to work."

Most are disabled by default here. Usually takes me a couple page reloads to get these things sorted on other sites.

Not in this case, here it all just works! πŸ‘

No third party involvement there.

Thanks @codeberg

@codeberg Oh, I thought gitea could only do login to existing accounts via OAuth.

That registration also works is great news. :3

:git: :codeberg: :git: :codeberg: :git: :codeberg:

I am using :codeberg: @codeberg and #github in parallel for several time now. For network-effect-reasons I still want projects to be findable on github but I would prefer a

"codeberg first, github second"

strategy. I know that it is possible to track a gh repo from cb but is there a simple way to achieve the opposite direction, i.e. automatically track a cb repo from gh?


:git: :codeberg: :git: :codeberg: :git: :codeberg:

@JanBittner @codeberg came to the rescue!
Apparently I can host my programming blog on C❀️deberg, simply by creating a repository called "pages":

Just in time for the new year, I made a repo on #Codeberg with the code I'm currently using to wake up my #PinePhone periodically and check emails and IMs.

It's really amateur work so if you have ideas to improve it (especially regarding the interactions with manual wake-ups), please get in touch :)

Should work on ManjaroARM and (I think) also on pmOS, no idea about Mobian.

#LinuxPhones #TuxPhones #Phosh #PlasmaMobile

We wish you a from Germany. All the best for your goals and projects. Feel free to share your focus for 2022 with the world!

A special thanks to everyone who keeps infrastructure and systems up and running, also especially to the emergency services and hospital staff who treat patients tonight.

Do you already have new year's resolutions? Some ideas from our side:
πŸ’™ migrating more content to Free Platforms, like
πŸ’™ supporting FLOSS, especially upstreams, by contributing or donating
πŸ’™ joining e.V. and becoming a FLOSS sustainer
πŸ’™ actively participating in Codeberg's development, feel free to reach out to us if you're interested

Thank you very much, and keep going. Feel free to share your goals for 2022 with us!

Use #Codeberg.
That's a reminder to eco-aware #Github users: Their CEO Nat Friedman glorifies Nuclear Power Plants despite ever-unsolved waste problem & historical catastrophes (Tchernobyl, Fukushima, nuclear waste in British & Mediterranean seas etc. pp. )

#ethical #code #hosting #repository

Why are all these #programmer's & #coding #YouTube'rs using #VSCode, that's insane? It's just slinging your #data directly to #Microsoft and why should I give them my work? They already have #GitHub & #NPM, those never-satiated monsters. πŸͺ

BTW: I use #Vim & #Git with Tig on @codeberg on my #Manjaro #Linux :awesome:

#DemNet I just created a new repository on #Codeberg to develop an #OrbitDB based #DemNet Version.

I'm thinking about developing a microblogging network, where administration, moderation and development are democratic and legitimized by elections of the members.

Did the choice of forge already prevent Your contribution to a project?
Please comment, if possible.

We are very proud to host some related content on . We are (always) doing our best to keep the service stable for you, (but) especially during the next days. πŸ˜‰

πŸ™ gitty v0.5.0 is out!

gitty shows you a project's most relevant issues, pull requests, and changes at a quick glance - right on the command line.

The latest release now also supports and your own self-hosted Gitea instances!

The team is a mix of more experienced seniors and motivated newcomers.

We are explicitly welcoming to newbies: If you want to learn something new by contributing to Codeberg, we'll gladly assist and mentor you as our resources permit.

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