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finally made a first release for my Tone Generator app! you can get it from the releases page over on #codeberg:

I might make a Flathub release for it at some point, but for now there's a binary that you can download and run manually (you'll need GTK4 and libadwaita installed to run it, I know both are in Fedora's package manager at least)

Better late than never, #Librerama 0.5.0 is here, together with a website of its own (thanks, @codeberg)! ๐ŸŒ You can play the game in your browser there:

Coming with this version, is 4 new nanogames, support for joypads to be used in nanogames that require touch/mouse, and bugfixes. ๐ŸŽฎ

This release is packed with the most recent version of the #GodotEngine, 3.4.

Are You still looking for a ? What about implementing pinning repositories in sa requested here and here

Thank you ๐Ÿ’™

A short guessing quiz:
How many user-contributed actions are stored in our database? (They make up the contributions visible in your heatmap, including commits, pull requests, comments, releases).

Today I joined @codeberg e.V. as supporting member. I like how they sent me the raw JSON record that will be stored in the membership database so that I can check if the data is correct.

Friendly reminder: We don't sell your data, so we need your donations and contributions. for an overview of what you can do and how to donate.

To the moon!

Team @codeberg

We're back in the top 8k projects, heading further up the ranks. How long to the top 5k? Depends on who else joins team 246632 :awesome:

is usually a good practice, yet there are many issues at where we don't currently know if they are even reported to @gitea.

Help us and pick an issue from, check if reported to at, and bring it up there if not.

Thank you very much.

@escudoencriptado @codeberg @gitea 100% agree. It's nice to have an option for public git repositories that really seems to get the spirit of FOSS and isn't run by a giant for-profit mega corporation.

@codeberg @gitea I love this relationship. Both Gitea and Codeberg are making this world a better place.

When doing , the most important file is a licence file, not your package.json! Otherwise, your code will create legal uncertainty and people are not allowed to use, share and improve your work!

Do your friends code? ๐Ÿ’ป Do they know ?
Invite them to code freely on, the and community-maintained -Hosting powered by :gitea:!

As always, source code is available on @codeberg

Codeberg is the kind of change we want to see in the world. Be sure to support them with a donation or even becoming member!

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I just published the first release of my first #rust package Nothing special, this just helps me figure out what I would consider best practices for future things in rust. I likely will migrate #ProduceIt to Rust, and introduce #Babylon as Rust. Naturally I am using @codeberg for my git repo...

Finally took the plunge and signed up for #codeberg. I previously set up a self-hosted #gitea server, but for public projects it's nicer for people to be able to create pull requests without allowing them to make accounts on my private server. I'll be gradually migrating my #GitHub stuff over.

Thanks, @codeberg

@codeberg I only learned about Codeberg recently and just created my account. And I too have a young daughter who uses up most of my time and energy. But I will give it a test and see how it goes and hopefully contribute some day.

Don't want or can't code for us? Interested in writing instead? Have a look at our documentation:

There are even less-technical subjects in there :)

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