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I just published the first release of my first #rust package Nothing special, this just helps me figure out what I would consider best practices for future things in rust. I likely will migrate #ProduceIt to Rust, and introduce #Babylon as Rust. Naturally I am using @codeberg for my git repo...

Finally took the plunge and signed up for #codeberg. I previously set up a self-hosted #gitea server, but for public projects it's nicer for people to be able to create pull requests without allowing them to make accounts on my private server. I'll be gradually migrating my #GitHub stuff over.

Thanks, @codeberg

@codeberg I only learned about Codeberg recently and just created my account. And I too have a young daughter who uses up most of my time and energy. But I will give it a test and see how it goes and hopefully contribute some day.

Don't want or can't code for us? Interested in writing instead? Have a look at our documentation:

There are even less-technical subjects in there :)

Where have all the @codeberg folders gone? Looks like I'm the only one left. Looks like I have to compensate. OK, let my 2 new Ryzen machines replace their old counter-parts and see what that does. The 1st (a laptop) was added a week ago, just now I added my new desktop. Come on, join me @foldingathome 💪 It's not over yet!

If something is holding back your contribution, can you tell us what's the matter?

Is it lacking documentation or difficulties to get started, or some other issues that can be solved on our side?

Feedback is highly appreciated 💙

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This banner is on @codeberg's website. I'm proud of you Codeberg people who advertise fediverse. That's wonderful.

As a community maintained platform, we depend on your contributions, for code, systems, moderation and more.

A short poll. Feel free to add your thoughts in written form below.

Wrote an org-mode babel "addon" to support the pikchr markup language for diagrams

Maybe it is helpful for one of you 🙂

#emacs #codeberg #org-mode #pikchr #fossil

Our license reminders have been revised and are working great so far.
It's nice to see that most of you add FLOSS licenses as a very first step, and our reminders have led to some more content now being free.

Sorry for being annoying with these reminders, but it's very important, even for tiny projects, so others can safely improve or build upon. Thank you for caring 💙

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#imagepipe version 0.57 has just been released.

#imagepipe removes exif data and modifies images to reduce size before sharing.

The new version updates the translations (new language: Ukrainian) and fixes some bugs (saving of images failing on devices running api 29, sharing not working after manually saving an image).

#imagepipe is a #floss #android app, visit the project homepage at #codeberg :

... it's sad to see that non-technical hashtags are still somewhat underrepresented in the . 😭
We are sorry to usually worsen this problem.

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We are in solidarity with the protests against the strict Polish Abortion Act during the last week and especially on Saturday, the 6th November.
Distorted ideas of conservative forces must not promote discrimination anywhere in the world.

Want to know what happened?

Content without a license is not free content!
We'll now pop-up license reminders in case you forgot to add one and to warn users about legal uncertainty.

Also see

The reminders might look like this:

If you want, you can of course also comment here about the most important issues Codeberg should address! We always value your feedback, but started a more formal collection among our legal members instead of a social media question this time 🙂

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Do you have a @codeberg account and use #codeberg Pages to publish a website? Do you want to see features on par with what #Github Pages offers?

- Custom domain name support

- Per-repository website support

If you also program in #Golang then have a look at this issue.There isn't much work left to do, and maybe you can help..

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