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A little hidden, but there is great news for our hosted CI service: We are offering very limited access to our closed alpha.

- starting with a few projects at first
- CI access is provided "as is" and might break at any time
- there is still a long way until public access (finer resource control and abuse protection)

@codeberg Yay, transferred my main repo from Gitlab to Codeberg and registered for membership. Very smooth transfer! THANKS!

today I found out about @codeberg, I'll be sure to start creating git projects there!

best of all? they are registered in Berlin, a few blocks away from my kids kindergarten hah

Codeberg is growing exponentially! Our user count doubled exactly since January 1st a few minutes ago! You are the best! Let's keep going! Make the new home for safe and productive Free and Open Source software and content, and their developers!

Here, a screenshot you've been all asking for! (please retoot or I will get fired)

Codeberg is running 1.15 now, coming with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

We say thanks to all the contributors to Codeberg and upstream Gitea, you are awesome. Together, we are building alternatives to proprietary forges.

Read an introduction on our blog:

What can we do to become even cooler? 🤔 😂

(Feedback is welcome - as always)

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#Liblast has moved to a new Git host! Goodbye #Github, welcome #Gitea!
I'm also making progress in getting the Godot 4 rewrite of the game playable. I managed to finish server-side player list today, implemented various system messages showing in chat, and started working on weapons doing damage.
#unfa #Godot #GameDev #FPS

Check out Tree view for your Gitea repos by installing this browser extension and enabling it for

Shared to the Community via this issue:

What is cooler? Paying for Pro or being a member? 😎

Not a member of our non-profit association yet? Consider joining it via

I have chosen @codeberg

as the place where I want to host my opensource channel banners and logos.

Go check it out and enjoy :D

#opensource #linux #codeberg #foss

What was up in July, next to Codeberg beating the 100+ active members of the non-profit association? Not joined yet? Consider supporting our mission by becoming a legal member at

Read all stories from July in our next monthly letter

Our navbar got a quick makeover and now makes it easier for you to focus on what you do on Codeberg.
The help icon now links to the docs and the community issues.
What do you think?

Are you eager to try out Spaces?
Join our at

Channels of projects can be found in the sub-space in the future.

Improving Codeberg is versatile, but highly appreciated.

Donate to the project once. Assist with Community issues. Reproduce bugs and report them upstream. Contribute or test patches. Join issue discussions. Join the association and raise your voice in decisions. Write documentation. Help with system administrations. Work on new projects.

Pick as many as you like 💙

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