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#gitea was hosted on Github, but had a clear plan on what milestones had to be passed for them to start self-hosting. Now they're migrating to . Gitea is a productive environment in which to host your project. With @codeberg you even get #codeberg Pages.

Github was proprietary from the beginning, but after Microsoft's acquisition it has moved deeper into the Extend phase with Github CLI. They're aiming for the entire open source infrastructure to orbit around them. Don't help them move the free software and open source world in this direction. You don't actually need Github. They need you.
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Codeberg is a non-profit hosting service for FOSS projects, their source code and their development. You can follow at:

➡️ @codeberg

Codeberg's site is at

It's based on the free open source git project Gitea.

#Codeberg #Git #Github #Alternatives #Gitea #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SourceCode #Dev #Development #Developers #Developer #SoftwareDevelopment

Ein paar Leute haben versucht Spenden für #CCTG an @codeberg zu überweisen.

Das erzeugt leider auf allen Seiten unnötig viel Aufwand.

Wenn ihr für CCTG spenden wollt geht das hier:

Und natürlich ist #Codeberg auch super unterstützenswert!



Just found out has a pages feature! 👍

Getting one is simple:
- Create a repository named "pages"
- Put #html/#static content there
- Access https://<username_or_organization>


And thanks to @davidak , @fossdd and @nause_marc - they suggest what else I should paint on my *mustpaint* list on @codeberg

Little by little, I'm working through that too. If I see projects on (there are already some in this list) that have a logo, they have priority.

@mondstern close to 500 acrylic paintings of FOSS project logos, most of them on @fdroidorg and @codeberg!

mondstern - Noch 41 acrylbilder dann habe ich 500 bilder gemalt.
Das meiste ist werbung für @fdroidorg und @codeberg

Das ist schon ordentlich. 104 davon sind in der ausstellung bei @topio zu sehen.

Zur eröffnung hatten sich 150 leute gefreut.

Und das repo von @IzzyOnDroid war auch in der eröffnungsrede zu hören.

The value of being nice in a world where Freedom is about the freedom to say "NO" :)

Today at #fosdem we'll also mention the #git repository #codeberg a lot in the 15-minute talk about #diva:

Probably it's one of the talks @fosdem with the most #codeberg links per minute 😀 .

Join the conference:

So: Thank you @codeberg for providing the perfect git repository to us. It's a great experience to work with it and we're happy to donate to this association. Keep up your great work! 🚀

in development

on @codeberg

PyFit is an open-source fitness tracker prototype written in Python with a GTK interface, currently working on on the GNOME desktop environment

@codeberg hat jetzt Projects.
Ist dies Neu oder habe ich es immer über sehen? 🤔

@sexybiggetje @fedops @codeberg @yarmo Codeberg is the best choice for me, there's a growing community and choosing Gitea doesn't mean you have to be self-hosting an isolated server.

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