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Ein paar Leute haben versucht Spenden für #CCTG an @codeberg zu überweisen.

Das erzeugt leider auf allen Seiten unnötig viel Aufwand.

Wenn ihr für CCTG spenden wollt geht das hier:

Und natürlich ist #Codeberg auch super unterstützenswert!



Just found out has a pages feature! 👍

Getting one is simple:
- Create a repository named "pages"
- Put #html/#static content there
- Access https://<username_or_organization>


And thanks to @davidak , @fossdd and @nause_marc - they suggest what else I should paint on my *mustpaint* list on @codeberg

Little by little, I'm working through that too. If I see projects on (there are already some in this list) that have a logo, they have priority.

@mondstern close to 500 acrylic paintings of FOSS project logos, most of them on @fdroidorg and @codeberg!

mondstern - Noch 41 acrylbilder dann habe ich 500 bilder gemalt.
Das meiste ist werbung für @fdroidorg und @codeberg

Das ist schon ordentlich. 104 davon sind in der ausstellung bei @topio zu sehen.

Zur eröffnung hatten sich 150 leute gefreut.

Und das repo von @IzzyOnDroid war auch in der eröffnungsrede zu hören.

The value of being nice in a world where Freedom is about the freedom to say "NO" :)

Today at #fosdem we'll also mention the #git repository #codeberg a lot in the 15-minute talk about #diva:

Probably it's one of the talks @fosdem with the most #codeberg links per minute 😀 .

Join the conference:

So: Thank you @codeberg for providing the perfect git repository to us. It's a great experience to work with it and we're happy to donate to this association. Keep up your great work! 🚀

in development

on @codeberg

PyFit is an open-source fitness tracker prototype written in Python with a GTK interface, currently working on on the GNOME desktop environment

@codeberg hat jetzt Projects.
Ist dies Neu oder habe ich es immer über sehen? 🤔

@sexybiggetje @fedops @codeberg @yarmo Codeberg is the best choice for me, there's a growing community and choosing Gitea doesn't mean you have to be self-hosting an isolated server.

@resist1984 @PaulaToThePeople @dsfgs don't forget @codeberg which not only runs on free software, but is managed by a non-profit association of FOSS and libre people, financed by its members, very supportive… (stop me, please 🤣)

now there are 3 left until 400.

madness! 400 painted acrylicpictures

and most of them promote apps by @fdroidorg and @codeberg

Because diversity matters, after github and gitlab the #FreeBSD src and doc tree has now an official mirror on @codeberg
powered by gitea :

@R1Rail Pour projets persos, je recommande (@codeberg), ca fait plus d'un an que j'y ai migré mes projets. C'est basé sur Gitea, c'est rapide et léger 👍

I wrote a little #rust program to download #music and play it in a random rotation until I have enough of a specific song.
This helps me to find #freemusic I like without much effort.
Currently it only gets #creativecommons music from #jamendo but more sources like #soundcloud are planned.

The idea is that in the future my most played songs can be shared on #mastodon so that users get automatically fed what their friends like.

It is hosted on through @codeberg

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