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The DMCA takedown process which leads to many bogus takedowns does not matter to us at all.

HOWEVER, we do not allow hosting stuff that is illegal in the EU/Germany and/or contains proprietary copyrighted code (we are a free software platform)

In case of youtube-dl the situation is not really clear (if it cracks a copy protection it might be illegal in Germany, and that is how some people argue).

And I am not a lawyer ;)

Note on the DMCA takedown this night.

In a very unusual turn RIAA justifies the takedown request with EU/German law and claim US analogy to EU rules. (the attachment with a copy of the Hamburg court rule they refer to somehow not linked, one can only guess that this links to §95a UrhG).

If you still use GitHub as your main place to host your projects, reconsider.

Git is made to be decentralized.

Use it.

@sheogorath @danslerush The Features are, indeed, compelling.

Mostly features from third party tools, though. Even Open Source tools and projects have a "connect to github" but won't work with issues, PRs, wiki or other features on a gitlab instance.

I'm afraid we've dug our own hole here, as community. And locked ourselves into Github.

Yet, for flockingbird, our focus is our product and much less (the idealism of) the underlying infrastructure.

Still. It feels like "giving up".

@datenschutzratgeber @codeberg
Works great :)!
So now I can export all my #orgmode files and serve the pages for my smarthome scripts also on #codeberg ! Thanks!

GitNex 3.2.0 is now available on @fdroidorg .

One nice feature this version has, if you are on let's say @codeberg you can explore all the public repositories issues from different projects. Same goes on different accounts you have added to the app.

#gitnex #gitea #app

Turns out, @codeberg provides us with a feature letting us present our own static HTML website on <username>

All you have to do is to create a repository called "pages" containing all your website files. Done!

So I've tried this out and made a Hello World page:

Thank you so much, @codeberg! This is a feature I always wanted to have 👍❤️

I also promoted @codeberg and @sir's Sourcehut in my post too. I've been a fan since their start. They are software libre and human-respecting.

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ganz oben hängt nextcloud cookbook von @MicMun

das es da hängt, steht auf

insgesamt sind es 104 bilder aus acryl
zu besichtigen jeden freitag 17-20 uhr in bei @topio

beworben wird und @codeberg

In other news, we are catching up: Soft-launch of subdomain support for !

For details please see and join the discussion about future development!

In the context of some "big" announcement elsewhere: The content for is of course open source since the beginning!! Join and contribute improvements, new content!

(And, btw, just saying: with finally launching default branch 'main' just now you are a couple of weeks late, too, eight-legged cat!! :D)

Kudos to all the awesome Gitea contributors, for the docs in particular, Lucas and "n" and all the others who contribute and make this happen!

You surely have seen this already, just in case you did not:

Some background on the hacktoberfest drama --

Da heute Freitag ist, kann meine (erste) @fdroid und @codeberg Ausstellung "Ich liebe die Logik und die Logik liebt mich"


angesehen werden. Infos unter

Sowie weitere Infos unter:

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