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PSA: Codeberg e.V. has joined the PUBLIC MONEY | PUBLIC CODE Initiative.

GitNex has new a blog for releases using the awesome @codeberg pages features.

It's a start, next post will be more detailed with images, gifs etc.


The hex-utils code repository has definitely migrated to @codeberg. Other repositories to follow suit.

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I released the preliminary results on my @codeberg account:

With this you can just plug in any #MIDI device to your #raspberrypi and it will become a synthesizer. Needs polishing, but should work for now.

Was schade ist: In meiner Ausbildung werden wir lauter proprietären Kram nutzen -_-. Und natürlich #github statt @codeberg. Hmpf.

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Some weeks ago the founding members of the community organization decided to become regular members of @codeberg .

Core reason: convinced as a quality focused and community driven #git repository. Since months we just had good experiences. So we support #codeberg.

The free banking and distributed exchange project for everyone ([A] GPLv3) is located here:

Upcoming Friday starts a #foss focusing #art exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Painted icons of @fdroidorg and @codeberg projects. See - thanks to @mondstern for initiating this.

@codeberg Absolutely love what codeberg has to offer. If you continue to exist I'm here to stay. Thanks for being great

PSA: We will migrate servers today. Planned downtime from 11:00 UTC to 11:30 UTC. We try to keep it as short as possible!

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Lasst uns anstoßen auf freie Kunst & freie Software!

Am Freitag 28. August um 18:00 Uhr findet die Eröffnung der @mondstern Ausstellung „Ich liebe die Logik und die Logik liebt mich" in Berlin statt.

Der Umtrunk findet draußen vor unserem Eingang an der Arminiusmarkthalle statt, die Ausstellung im Foyer kann in kleinen Gruppen besucht werden.


Wir freuen uns über Besuch, Sticker, Flyer... #floss #foss #art #berlin und Rückmeldung.

@codeberg is now on 1.12.3 and the best part is #gitnex will now show you the notifications in the menu.

#gitnex #tip #gitea

Hoy en mi blog hablo sobre mis impresiones sobre codeberg un sitio libre, para poner tus repositorios git (tienen cuenta mastontón incluso)... @codeberg

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