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@freebliss Und joa mag kleinlich wirken, aber ich glaub dass ist einer der wichtigsten und signifikantesten Unterschiede die @codeberg im Vergleich zu anderen Plattformen hat.

@freebliss Bei aktiver Mitgliedschaft unterstützt man ja nicht nur sondern bekommt sogar Stimmrecht. ;) @codeberg

As of today I am an active member of @codeberg e.V. \o/ 🎉 If you also want to support independent, non-profit code hosting for free software, signing up is a matter of a few minutes: #codeberg #git #hosting

Moved two more repos from gitlab to @codeberg . The experience with #codeberg in the last days was a pleasant one 💐. The codeberg community is small and that's OK for me.

It's the easy to use #i2p layer for everyone:
This #docker container is short before v1.0. It has the purpose to give everyone super simple access to the I2P network to enjoy full #privacy.

And the alpha stage #diva main project itself:

#signal server for v1.0.0 🎉 released:

I also moved this project away from #gitlab over to @codeberg

#docker 🐳 images are available too:

The docker images are auto-built - which is nice - but unfortunately only via the #github mirror (instead directly via #codeberg)

@nitesparrow @Jbb @ancho @lnj Team @codeberg just reached the "200 WUs folded" mark, yay! Monthly rank 3,916 – all-time rank 8,320. Points: more than 2.5 Mio (1.5 of that are by Phlox alone).

Folk away, folds – ahem, fold away, folks! Push the numbers! I'm expecting another 3 WUs with a sum of ~10k by tomorrow, from my little farm…

@codeberg Is it possible on Codeberg to have a repository based site or only an account based site?

In other words, wondering if I can host static sites per project.

For those who wonder: stats pages are currently a bit "behind" (e.g. for team @codeberg they seem frozen at 3.7k while we've actually passed 100k already). They have issues with their stats servers – but stability of the work & collection servers as well as getting new WUs ready has preference, so a fix might take a little. Have patience 🙏 Your points are still safe and will show up, given time. Extraordinary times…

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If you have idle CPUs, @codeberg invites you to its team:

(never heard of Folding@home? See – its software uses CPU power "left-overs". If you're on a Debian based distribution, you can install the software via my repo: – everybody (else) can do so via their website)

Help fight diseases! (Warning: will increase your power bill 😉)

@mondstern Nah dran, aber nicht nah genug 😄 Die Wissenschaftler brauchen Rechenleistung (z.B. auch um Mittel gegen Corona zu finden). Dafür gibt es das Projekt. @codeberg möchte Euch ermutigen, ein wenig Rechenleistung beizusteuern (und tut dies auch selbst – die Statistiken brauchen nur ein wenig, das alles zu erfassen) – dafür hat es das Team bei FAH gegründet. So könnt Ihr "mitteilen": "Wir sind bei Codeberg, und wir unterstützen FAH".

@fsfe for everyone else there is the community maintained and funded @codeberg instance.

Great to know that the right decision was made. Stay safe, everybody!


One plus to taking 2020 remote -- we now have the ability to accept prerecorded lightning talks from people all over the world! Prep your record button and check out our instructions here:

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