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InfoSec Handbook – new mirror on

We added a new mirror on, using coderberg's possibility to host static content. If is down, just use this mirror to access our content.

#mirror #codeberg #infosechandbook #availability #blog #infosec…

Help us to gain some visibility and improve redundancy by adding your Codeberg project repo URL to the software heritage archive:…

I did a detailed privacy check of the Tiktok app and website. You can read my article æt Süddeutsche Zeitung. Tiktok commits multiple breaches of law, trust, transparency and data protection. Here are the technical and legal details
Long thread⤵️

#FollowFriday, a moment to share our following

@peertube the official Peertube account on Mastodon. If you don't know what is Peertube 👉

@mobilizon an alternative project that will help you to replace Facebook groups and events 👍. It's a work in progress. I planned to support it with Fedilab. (more:

@codeberg an alternative to host your projects. I already moved some projects there (

@codeberg @ashimokawa thank you for sharing this! I am curious about Codeberg lately.

So, where do I host my open source projects if
- GitHub is off the table (ICE contracts)
- Gitlab is not really my favorite (their wording they had to take back a few days ago)
- Self-Hosting yet another service is not an option
Any suggestions?

🔐 PSA: My minimalist client-side password generator just got an update and moved to @codeberg \o/

Hi Fediverse 👋

today, our site joined the #SaveDotOrg initiative to keep .org-domains non-profit.

We host our site on a .org domain. Furthermore, we heavily rely on services hosted on .org domains - as for example @codeberg

Please consider supporting the initiative by spreading the word or signing the letter:

Help us to gain some visibility and improve redundancy by adding your Codeberg project repo URL to the software heritage archive:

Don't make changes to .ORG without consulting the nonprofit technologists that rely on it. EFF is proud to stand with @techsoup and @NTENorg to defend .ORG.

There's a petition to Save the .org top level domain. Apparently, ICANN could still stop it from being sold.
I know, petitions rarely work, but I also know that _sometimes_ they do.
Please consider signing if you _run_ anything there, or if you _use_ or _care about_ anything that's on a .org domain. Also, boosting this to others who follow you, would be very much appreciated.

This is a remarkable speech.

"To be clear, when I say “racism, hate and bigotry” I’m not referring to the names of Stephen Miller’s Labradoodles.
this hate and violence is being facilitated by a handful of internet companies that amount to the greatest propaganda machine in history. [....]"

Please spend a few minutes to read or watch and listen.

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