@dasistdaniel @wend Für das projekt <abc> org <abc> anmelden, darin code+pages repos anlegen, domain ist dann https://<abc>.codeberg.page

@wend @dasistdaniel mit org-name ... wenn ein user oder eine org pages für mehrere repos mag, dann folder im html repo

And thanks to @davidak , @fossdd and @nause_marc - they suggest what else I should paint on my *mustpaint* list on @codeberg


Little by little, I'm working through that too. If I see projects on (there are already some in this list) that have a logo, they have priority.

@mondstern close to 500 acrylic paintings of FOSS project logos, most of them on @fdroidorg and @codeberg!


mondstern - Noch 41 acrylbilder dann habe ich 500 bilder gemalt.
Das meiste ist werbung für @fdroidorg und @codeberg

Das ist schon ordentlich. 104 davon sind in der ausstellung bei @topio zu sehen.

Zur eröffnung hatten sich 150 leute gefreut.

Und das repo von @IzzyOnDroid war auch in der eröffnungsrede zu hören.

@alfredb this case it was the issue poster himself who retracted it, talking to another commenter.

Still, pressure and overload on maintainers due to overly demanding/not-really-appropriate-wording+expectations is all too familiar to many developers, that's why the meme works ;)

The value of being nice in a world where Freedom is about the freedom to say "NO" :)

@meena haha, wir sind so frugal und kosteneffizient, dass wir noch nicht mal Sticker drucken lassen haben :D

Aber das sollten wir auf jeden Fall zeitnah tun, gute Idee! Sobald wir welche haben, können natürlich alle e.V.-Members welche bekommen!

We at @codeberg just held our annual assembly using @senfcall

It was a great experience. The Senf was with us. In Senf we trust!

Thank you for providing such a great and important free service!

@DavidBosman currently there is no fixed list of licenses, we typically follow a liberal interpretation of FSF and OSI recommendations.

That said, there have been some discussions in this area recently, we might want to discuss such at some point

@Kapirsnick your local git repo contains all the cryptographic sha1 hashes. See my other reply for details and links to more detailed explanation

@DavidBosman we endorse Free and Open Source Code and Content (explicitly not limited to code).

Note that not all CC flavors are free, CC covers the entire spectrum from Public Domain and libre to proprietary.

@Kapirsnick ... Checking the latest commit hash (as done under the hood with git pull) ensures a continuous history.

If you cannot pull-forward (somebody did a force-push on the remote repo), because the expected git hash is not in the history, someone has rewritten the history.

@Kapirsnick git commit hashes are a cryptographic signature, efficiently protecting against tampering with the code.

The git history is designed as Merkle tree (new hashes incorporate the history of hashes), so that consistency is ensured. Kind of joking we could call a git repo "a bundle of blockchains", not really kidding as it is technically not untrue, but then again git and merkle trees predate blockchains by ages and have been first ;)

Tldr; if you check the latest ... (1/2)

@arh we had several requests, but no contributor yet stepping up to implement the feature ;)

PR welcome

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