@hugot @ashimokawa cool, thank you! Will add some comments in the issue tracker later today.

@topio @ashimokawa Liebe Grüße und ganz großen Dank für die Unterstützung!

@codeberg I couldn't help it, I started working on a thing that might help deal with those pesky API spammers!

Created a codeberg account in the process 😉


@patchman@social.linux.pizza @af this is essentially the flow we implement right now that is not hindering spammers: create account semi-manually passing capture and activation-email, then using http API to flood with spam issue comments.

Wikipedia is getting 19 years old!

Happy Birthday!

@af registration requires a captcha already, attacks are executed via api

- Short-term, we had no suggestion for a quick implementation aside from disallowing disposable emails and tor access.


- Less support for disposable one-time email addresses, as a good use case is still to be reported. (Only one request via anon DM without explanation why).
- Desire for proper per-repo and user rate limits for issue and comment submission,/also implementation of reputation score (users who submitted productive content in the past are less affected by limits). Unfortunately this is a long-term project contributors still has to show up for.

Status report and wrap-up up of poll discussion and decision since yesterday:

- Spam attacks continue, fine-grained blocks are circumvented quickly using another anonymous email provider for registration. All attacks come via tor switching IPs every few requests.
- Many expressed sympathy to keep access via tor network open as there are valid use cases (repressive countries etc).


@hugot Seems this would involve significant changes within gitea. Long-term a built-in trust-scoring system will surely be great, the gitea core developers will surely like this as well?

Anybody volunteering?

@hugot This particular spammer was posting the content of random-not-so-random birdsite posts.

@utf8equalsX The traffic is coming through Tor exit nodes, we do not operate a hidden service

@utf8equalsX There are surely perfectly legitimate use cases, especially for users living in disadvantages countries. Still we need to find a mode of operation that ensures that single troublemakers cannot disrupt functionality required by other contributors.

@stevenroose @berkes one request per 5sec possibly a bit tight for interactive use, at the same time one spam issue comment every 5 seconds already quite a lot

@stevenroose @berkes Rate-limiting makes sense here, but need to check carefully that interactive use cases like GitNex client apps are not impacted.

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