Working on to view public orgs in #gitnex for upcoming version 4.0, plus with some other improvements.

What are you working on right now? Share your projects with us.

@codeberg I'm currently trying to write a 6502 assembler in order to learn Rust

right now it's pretty unfinished, but I try to work on it during the few times I have the motivation to :blobcatbox:



On the programming front, I've been working on a complete redesign and rewrite of the djrpg role playing game development kit, a top down final fantasy style role playing game engine, designed for a new era. No code released yet because I don't have the basic networking framework up and running yet, but once I have a minimally functional demo I'll release the code just as I always have.

This has been the year I migrate away from big-tech. They've overstayed their welcome.

This year I've set up:

social.fbxl.net a pleroma instance
search.fbxl.net a searx instance
video.fbxl.net a peertube instance
lotide.fbxl.net a lotide instance
matrix.fbxl.net a Matrix instance
an xmpp instance on fbxl.net


A weather app based on open data from the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) with weather forecasts, weather warnings for Germany and a rain radar:


@sam @codeberg

Profanity a console based #XMPP Client.

Sometimes on Buteo a XMPP based Groupware.

Mainly on non-coding projects:

- At @AnoxinonMedia from @Anoxinon, a German blog and (work in progress) wiki about open source, security and an informed digital life for beginners / non-tech people
- For @Anoxinon for the German translation of the XMPP-Newsletter from @xmpp (XSF) and care of the Mastodon account


tilvids.com, an edutainment video community that runs on PeerTube! :)

@codeberg A system-wide ad-blocker that uses the hosts file and that is compatible with a lot of filter lists (like adblock plus, dnsmasq or hosts)


All around the globe, LibreOffice contributors are helping out every day, making the software even better. And you can join them! Here's what Dante Doménech is doing to improve LibreOffice Math and Calc: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

@paulfree14 what exactly do you mean? Are you talking about the CAPTCHA?

@codeberg I‘m working on a small tool that uploads #GNOME #contacts to a #Snom VoIP phone. Learning great #ObjFW (#ObjC) from @js at the same time.


@codeberg I'm working on a public #PkgBase repository for FreeBSD. An alternative install and upgrade method, that uses its standard package manager

the website and und tiny bit of automation in puppet are both on Codeberg.org/pkgbase

@codeberg a pixelflut server with a slight twist. Instead of on-site projection it is geared towards streaming the result. codeberg.org/ccoenen/HeadlessP

What are you working on right now? Share your projects with us.

@nipos @JoergSorge @codeberg

# Forkawesome call
- Why: To get an overview of the project until now, and think about how it goes forward
- When: Tuesday 11th May, 17:00 CEST
- Length: 1 hour
- Call: meet.livingutopia.org/b/dou-c0
- Pad: pad.riseup.net/p/forkawesome

We can completely understand this. Codeberg is there to allow for easy collaboration between all those who don't want to self-host and would otherwise use big companies.
Gitea is probably a good choice, because there are long-term ideas about federation which would make collaboration between instances much more convenient.

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