Hi Fediverse 👋

as mentioned before, we are reorganizing the codebase of the website. If you are curious concerning the progress, I'm happy to share the current status:


Powered by @codeberg·s new static pages. Special thanks to supercell for migrating all the google-related pages. If you also want to participate, you can do so here:


Also feel free to leave your feedback here 🙃

@booteille @codeberg on y était avant que ce soit racheté mais bonne idée. Merci.

@jeybe @gnome yes, we led it mislead us and did not research carefully enough before posting. See here: mastodon.technology/@codeberg/

@gryffyn @gnome thank you for clarification!

And sorry for not researching this carefully enough before posting.

@gryffyn @gnome thank you for clarification!

And sorry for not researching this carefully enough before posting.

@nerd @rugk Nutzerzahlen und Wachstumsraten publizieren wir im monthly letter (Mitglieder haben schon den aktuellen): blog.codeberg.org/ -- und, was sollen wir sagen, wir sind eigentlich ganz glücklich damit :)

@tklk @codeberg
Thanks for the encouraging words 😊, and you positive views on free software collaboration!

@ashimokawa I try to ignore the negative people (which is sometimes hard to do), and remain appreciative of the wonderful community we have. Those who make PRs, add to documentation, hang out in chat helping others, reporting issues, hosting instances. You, @codeberg, and many others bring me back to Gitea every single day refreshed, and happy that I can work on this great project.

via @mirjam_stegherr@twitter.com

„Stockholm-Syndrom des Datenschutzes“: wenn sich Nutzerïnnen mit den Kidnappern ihrer Daten gemein machen statt mit der Polizei, die ihre Daten befreien will. Vorgestellt von @UlrichKelber (@BfDI_info) für die Datenethikkommission bei der @h_bonnrheinsieg t.co/auOlT0cCR2

@requiem there are some issues with the migration facility: migrations get stuck. We just filed issue #8812 to the gitea issue tracker

@rob You mean redirect from a custom domain? If you set up a redirect from your registrar, or from some redirect service, this is possible.

Codeberg itself is not acting as registrar.

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