@boud I can't browse many websites on my old hardware either. I think we already discussed a "split long files" limit for Gitea that might also work for long diffs etc, so it is a good thing to also optimize websites. You can always request this at Codeberg (for pre-discussion and if you don't wanna use GitHub) or Gitea, that is both fine.

The Firefox thing is a bigger matter and although very important (from my experience, many websites suffer), it's less likely to be fixed soon.

@boud Diff for single file is not possible AFAICT (not sure). Feel free to open a feature request for it on Codeberg or directly upstream at github.com/go-gitea/gitea

Gitea 1.15.5 is released

We are proud to present the release of Gitea version 1.15.5.

We highly encourage users to update to this version for some important bug-fixes and some security fixes.

We have merged 14 pull requests to release this version.

We remind users that a bug was discovered with gitea dump in 1.14.3–1.14.6 and 1.15.0. Database dumps from these versions cause broken fields in the repo_unit and login_source tables causing the issue identified in #16961. Users on 1.14.x must upgrade to 1.14.


#rss #gitea

@boud yes, this works in the GUI (the issue is for the API variant).
As mentioned in github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issu, just use the compare route. You can also use commit hashes there, e.g. to compare two trees of a repo

This route is also accessible via UI using the compare button in the repo UI.

@deusfigendi keep in mind that technically all contributors are acting "illegal" before this "later" day.

Proper licencing is just a matter of fairness to users, contributors, and, last but not least, platform operators

@danjones000 Here you can find the announcement for the second batch of testers, application is still possible.

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is already available for selfhosting of course, and as a hosted service at upon request (closed alpha).

I'll tag you below the annoucement.


Did you know: Software needs a free license to be considered as "free"? Adding no license means that all copyright remains to you by default.

Please check that your repos are under a proper free and open-source software or content licence.

Also check the new article about licensing that was contributed to the Docs a few days ago docs.codeberg.org/getting-star

@codeberg It does not restrict who can access my work, unlike the American cloud based services. This is really relevant in #science. These days all the work I submit to peer review references my @codeberg repositories.

@zigpress We haven't experienced any issues with their service so far, and by now they power a huge portion of encrypted web traffic. Anyway, you are free to choose an alternative, which are mostly proprietary.

@codeberg I like that codeberg is a safe haven for free software projects. That and it's a privacy oriented service.

A community that is available via Matrix and ActivityPub (and of couse our non-profit status).

@codeberg The ideas & principles behind the project and the fact that is a perfect alternative to cringy proprietary stuff that wants to monopolize the market. Keep it going!


FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOM!!!!! (cue bald eagle cry, or cry of whatever animal represents freedom in your part of the world)

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