Are you looking for a ? Maybe hacking on a library?

We'd be happy about YAML support in go-enry, also see for the whole issue description.

Thank you very much! 💙

Have you already found your next ? 💙

We appreciate someone who wants to look at this old but important issue about making wikis editable not only to the repo owners.

You can get your hands dirty on , maybe inspired by this stalled upstream PR:

Not enough to do yet (just kidding)? We have a for y'all.

What about reducing the ecological footprint and freeing up some unnecessary storage, e.g. by adding the option to auto-expire old release assets:

Thank you and keep going!

Do you enjoy your keyboard noise? Not interested in doing codework right now?
What about sharing your experience with issue trackers for our documentation for a , see
(you can of course also pick another issue from there 😉)

Do you already have a ?

If not, why not try to fix that publishing a release draft does not create the activity, see and ?

Thank you 🙃

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