We just updated to 1.17. As always, please report any bugs to our Community Issue Tracker. A blog post introducing the most important changes will likely follow soon.

And special thanks to @mray for designing a new landing page for us. Implementation took us a while, and there is still a lot on our backlog regarding UI renovation, but we're on it 😊

In case you didn't notice: We updated our explore view to filter some noise and show more relevant results: codeberg.org/explore/repos

What do you think?

As previously announced: We are preparing our the second weekend in April, from 8th to 10th of April. Hacking on , , , small projects and bots or whatever you can think of ...

Learn more from the blog: blog.codeberg.org/first-codebe

Not often necessary, but in case you are haunted by spam issues or really need to get rid of something, you can now delete issues in your repositories - we added a new "Delete" button in the sidebar.

Also coming to your own instances with the next release.

is now running 1.16, in case you missed the changes that appeared recently (e.g. our revamped dark theme etc).
Thanks to the maintainers and all the contributors who made this possible.

Read our blog post: blog.codeberg.org/introducing-

Have you already found your next ? 💙

We appreciate someone who wants to look at this old but important issue codeberg.org/Codeberg/Communit about making wikis editable not only to the repo owners.

You can get your hands dirty on , maybe inspired by this stalled upstream PR: github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull

Thansk for everyone who recommended to their friends, collaborators and favourite projects.

Although not everyone moved to Codeberg because of this (which is fine!), we spread awareness about alternatives and that development does not equal **b. This is what matters!

Thank you and keep going - Tell your friends! 💙

Do you really care about ? But is your on a free platform?

Please move away from , .com, on to , , , and other diverse forges. Thank you! 💙

Did the choice of forge already prevent Your contribution to a project?
Please comment, if possible.

Do you drink while ? Why not also try , the free and community-maintained forge.

Don't want to host yourself? Join today, a growing community of developers who moved away from , .com and similar proprietary services.


Friendly reminder: While is for everyone, not everyone is on Codeberg.

Tying collaboration to your projects to a platform raises the barrier for fly-by contributors. Whether you are on Codeberg, , some or instances, we always recommend to prominently state multiple contact information, so people can also send bug reports and patches, e.g. via E-Mail.

is usually a good practice, yet there are many issues at where we don't currently know if they are even reported to @gitea.

Help us and pick an issue from codeberg.org/Codeberg/Communit, check if reported to at github.com/go-gitea/gitea, and bring it up there if not.

Thank you very much.

Do your friends code? 💻 Do they know ?
Invite them to code freely on Codeberg.org, the and community-maintained -Hosting powered by :gitea:!

Someone interested in providing a tiny (!) quality of life fix?

Show direct match on top of user search, see codeberg.org/Codeberg/Communit and github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issu

Contribution very welcome. Thank you for building together.

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