Someone interested in providing a tiny (!) quality of life fix?

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Contribution very welcome. Thank you for building together.

Codeberg is running 1.15 now, coming with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

We say thanks to all the contributors to Codeberg and upstream Gitea, you are awesome. Together, we are building alternatives to proprietary forges.

Read an introduction on our blog:

We are preparing for the next release v1.15 🥳

If you have some free cycles, feel free to test your workflow and your favourite features on our staging instance:

Thank you a lot for helping us catch errors before they go into production.

Searching for a regression, no idea where it might have been introduced?
Have a look at bisect, a handy command to test different versions in a range of commits and narrow down the regression.

Moving to is as easy as moving away - no vendor lock-in included!

Read about how to migrate from , .com or other providers to Codeberg. Afterwards, you can easily hop between hosts as you like!

Liberate the code! is not the gold standard for hosting. Free alternatives exist, there are and instances out there. And if you don't know where to go, you can join today - the community-maintained hosting.

What are your reasons for leaving ?
Do you know any blog articles for enlightening users?
Do you move to , another instance or somewhere else?

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