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Yesterday's visit of Kampenwand, our server for Pages and .

We are happy that the operation is now done, and we can focus on more funny things.

📷 Picture taken with a .

Yep, we can proudly announce the Codeberg Pages Server v2, now available to the public.

It comes with custom domains (!), serving from your different branches, repos and more.

Check it out at 💙

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Content without a license is not free content!
We'll now pop-up license reminders in case you forgot to add one and to warn users about legal uncertainty.

Also see

The reminders might look like this:

calls for the next global on Friday, September 24.
Find your local group or participate online

The is a global issue and doesn't stop at borders. Let's help keep the planet a place to be.

Check out Tree view for your Gitea repos by installing this browser extension and enabling it for

Shared to the Community via this issue:

Huh, what's that humming noise? Proud to announce we installed our new server into a last weekend, CI and other features are coming into range.

This is a major milestone for , we have been waiting for this for a long time, investing a huge share of our funds into this project.

Thank you for your regular donations, especially as members of the non-profit association. You didn't join yet? Consider doing so today to support our mission:

Why is everyone talking about 11 these days? We are waiting for the free 11 instead! Who too?

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the Debian contributors for their work in the past and on the upcoming release. Thank you for reliably powering Codeberg since day one!

users are kinda missing out:
Copying a poll from to birdsite only works with lossy compression 🙈

Thank you for being on the .

The value of being nice in a world where Freedom is about the freedom to say "NO" :)

PSA: Codeberg e.V. has joined the PUBLIC MONEY | PUBLIC CODE Initiative.

@sir has released new results on

A great shout-out to user mappu04 who identified the roadblock that made us look bad in previous run!

The worst-case results for huge repos still a known open issue, potentially resolved by caching in coming gitea release.

NOW OUR CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION: If you agree with us that accessibility is important, and would like to help resolving the accessibility issues tagged in the report: please have a look and consider a pull request!

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