Our host is closing. Thanks to @ashfurrow for hosting our profile in the past years, and all the best for the future. We can well understand the burden, there are also hard times with multiple people in the team, but it's much more manageable.

We are looking for your recommendations for a new home – Where do you want to see in the future?

... and self-hosting is not an option for us, currently. We are quite busy with the infrastructure we already have, so we'd probably run into the same problems.

... and: imagine Codeberg was down and we couldn't even microblog about it :)

@codeberg @ashfurrow Run your own managed instance at @mastohost - that's what I am doing since 4 years :)

@jwildeboer @codeberg @ashfurrow

Running your own fediverse instance is a good idea I think. @webape is another managed hosting I know of, you have plenty of options.

@codeberg @ashfurrow Come join us at fosstodon.org. It's a match made in heaven you don't wanna miss out on! 😄

@Beowulf @codeberg Well, they prohibit posting in any languages other than English. Perhaps not ideal for a German organisation.

@Gusted yeah, the typical reason, I am not sure if really valid (I only mean the trust part, all the rest I totally understand and can related too).
About the handover technical part I am not sure, I guess a few hundred GB data, that shouldn't be auch a big issue.

But yes, typical well know problem since 15 years in the Fediverse. Remember quitter.is and .se or all the status net sites.

Any way still thank you for all the effort @ashfurrow


@codeberg@mastodon.technology why not create an own instance .. also as possibility for the projects on your gitea platform?

@ashfurrow@mastodon.technology thanks for hosting a rather big instance

@codeberg@mastodon.technology also an idea would be when creating an own instance .. why not support @ta180m@social.exozy.me on the effort for federating gitea?


@MrSkinnyFeels @codeberg unfortunately, fosstodon is English Only. A multi-lingual instance would certainly be good.

@codeberg get your own instance, e.g. ftom @markus

@codeberg @ashfurrow I just landed today on Fosstodon.org with this same news. I think you'll like it here.

@codeberg What about hosting an own instance? It would be just one or two users, e.g. one by codeberg in general and a status tooter. Other users could still follow you.

@codeberg @ashfurrow join Fosstodon!

Its a great place that helps fund other FOSS projects :)


@codeberg Not fosstodon, it's full of right-wing racists & you'll lose access to people who don't want to associate with that.

@codeberg host your own! you're already all about hosting a free service.

you could have like, @user@codeberg.org. since you can use separate handle/web domains with mastodon.

@lamp @codeberg I like that idea. Would maybe bring some users to the fediverse that are already on codeberg and when your backend is LDAP the credentials would be the same. But of course it does also mean another service to manage and provide disk space for it and the need for moderation

@codeberg @ashfurrow I would say Fosstodon, but English only makes that unfeasible
maybe mstdn.social? not specifically tech focussed but everywhere on the fedi talks about tech anyway
@stux is a rockstar and I'm sure they'd be happy yo have you! 👍

@paul @ashfurrow @codeberg Oh thats sad news! :sad_cat:​ Know that you are very welcome ofc! :cat_hug_triangle:

@paul @ashfurrow @codeberg @stux

Join the stux-site! :blobcatgiggle:

No, but seriously - here at mstdn we have a ton of extra features through glitch-soc and stux (yes, he's a feature). I personally would like to se you guys here at our place. And if you want, I am shure, stux will add a few custom emojis for you. (We got a ton and probadly more of emojis)
Also you can format your messages with Markdown or HTML.

@codeberg @ashfurrow maybe use linuxrocks.online? I know, it's mostly an instance about linux stuff, but since #codeburg is open source anyway, I don't see the issue

@codeberg Another strong recommendation for fosstodon.org! I'm sure @kev and @mike would agree 😃

@codeberg How about @Anoxinon? They're an Eingetragener Verein, just like Codeberg. Plus they are active on Codeberg, too :-)

@codeberg Well, although I‘m running nerdculture.de, I think fosstodon as an instance (or any other foss-related instance) would be a perfect fit

@codeberg How about managed hosting? That way, it would be your platform, but still independent from the rest of your infrastructure. Win-win?

@codeberg@mastodon.technologywhy not just move to mastodon.online?

@codeberg I'd say self-hosting is the best option you have. You'll never be in danger again to get shutdown and you're existing technical infrastructur should be potent enough to run yourselves as your only user. If you want to open this to connected parties later, then you have full control. It won't cot a dime, just a Mastadon installation and a version update per year. Imagine your notes to us could finally br longer than 500 characters, too!
I'd love that.

@CobaltVelvet Sorry, my fault.
(You're still an amazing admin, of course.)

@codeberg fully agree to focus on your core business. I use mastodon.online, which seems to work and is hosted in Germany. Fosstodon could be also interesting, but hosted in US. I guess it would be good to have a European instance, ideally focused on OSS and already alive a couple of years

@codeberg KDE went to floss.social, which seems to be "in parts" hosted in France/OVH

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