What is your favourite project outside proprietary platforms?

Name projects on , but also on other 's, CE instances, and elsewhere!

Well... Im writing html replacement... And i like it even with unfinished css lol ... Probably having there some other cool projects but right now im only focused on this one and nothing else comes to my head lol...

@Billie @codeberg @gadgetbridge I used your app to display weather data on my Amazfit Bip and I use it with my Bangle.js 2 now. Thank you for writing and maintaining #TinyWeatherForecastGermany!

@m2c_n3e @codeberg @gadgetbridge I just installed gadgetbride last week for a free MI Band 4 that someone gave me. It's pretty good so far. Only the sleep tracking is useless (or I really just sleep 3minutes in 'deep sleep' mode almost every night)

@codeberg That would be, although I think they could use some more developers.. I'm self-hosting my instance on almost five years and I've uploaded > 34.000 files already, mostly photographs, but also videos, audio files, and scans. And there are more to come!

@codeberg foot 100%, so simple yet has has everything someone needs :)

(In no particular order)
LocalCDN, librarian, site.js, privacyguides (mirror), streams, LibRedirect, Gadgetbridge, fediparty, LBRY-GTK, Fedilab, fediverse fep

Gnome Gitlab:
Gimp, Warp, GNOME Boxes, phosh, pitivi, Pika Backup

@maze @codeberg @keyoxide Seconding #keyoxide for providing free and open identity verification! I've got a pretty minimal threat model, I don't have any kind of public influence or any reason why someone might want to impersonate me online. That said, I use it so that people will feel safer reaching out to me or following me across my socials, so that I can verify that my artwork and other stuff I post really came from me originally, and so that it helps to normalize regular people using cryptographic verification (because you never know when it may suddenly become vital to you). It's an important security tool in this day and age if you are building even a minimal online presence, imho.

@codeberg @humanetech has a wonderful project called #delightful lists.

It's basically a framework for high-quality, community-maintained collections of open source gems around specific themes/ideas. It helps promote some of the excellent open source projects that may not get the attention they deserve, and it helps users easily connect to more open and ethical tools and alternatives to the proprietary software they use day-to-day.

Most delightful lists are maintained on #Codeberg. I maintain and contribute to a delightful list of creative software on my Codeberg account here:

Def worth a shoutout. :)

@robdaemon @codeberg


Am interested in using codeberg but for a project with so few people it's probably too big a task, sadly.

@codeberg Probably, Gentoo Linux.

Repos are self-hosted by the project, with mirrors on github.

I like how Gentoo creates the most gradual entry curve into almost anything FLOSS, from system administration, to devops, to contributing to other projects. As a side-effect, it also litmus-tests FLOSS software for actually being flexible and adaptable to the user.

@codeberg Corona Contact Tracing Germany @CCTG is a very helpful, privacy focused, exemplary documented fork of #CWA with support for googleless devices, thanks to built-in @microg and available on @fdroidorg

@codeberg Is this restricted to projects using git? is using mercurial

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