We just updated to 1.17. As always, please report any bugs to our Community Issue Tracker. A blog post introducing the most important changes will likely follow soon.

And special thanks to @mray for designing a new landing page for us. Implementation took us a while, and there is still a lot on our backlog regarding UI renovation, but we're on it 😊

Again? More popups in code editor ? Thanks, im going to GITHUB.

@codeberg @mray yes, finally the version that supports #fennel syntax highlighting! been looking forward to this for a while.

@dminca @codeberg @mray

oh great, they decided to validate email addresses with a very incomplete regex, wtf

@dminca @codeberg @mray and now, there's no git hoster left that doesn't default to "main"… Looking at the PR and issue, the reason for this change was "because the others did it". Shameful.

Just for the record, we switched the default to main before GitHub did, and we don't see any shame in stopping to use discriminative language.
@dminca @mray

@codeberg @dminca @mray it's not discriminative if it's not within the context of slaves. YOU *made* it discriminative. (speaking of the people who made the change, not you)

I'm sick of people calling everything racist, sexist, etc etc when it really isn't. 'master' is a word to describe someone with power over someone else, yes, but that's not necessarily slavery. What about mastering in music? Or the title of master? Bollocks, I say.

@loke @codeberg @mray No. Not in any generally usable sense. It has some code that brings federation closer, but that is all.

Exactly, there are only baby-steps. First end-user visible features are expected in the next version.

Codeberg will probably enable federation with some careful testing delay. We also do careful staging / migration tests before every Gitea release.

@algernon @codeberg @mray Thanks. I've started work on migrating away from GH, and am currently setting up the CI builds. So far things are working quite nicely.

Only problem is that there are a lot of links to my github repositories, so I'm not sure if I should keep mirroring to there, or if I should replace the repository with a link to the codeberg one.

do you have a good write up wiki about codeberg pages deploy i really want to switch to codeberg from github. so i can follow to codeberg.

@codeberg @mray Macht wirklich was her, war direkt beeindruckt von der neuen Startseite heute!

Any info on when / if @codeberg will implement package registries?

I'm considering to publish docker images for some of my apps and would love if they could be hosted on a codeberg registry (similar to GHs registry) instead of docker hub.

Thanks that's awesome... going to look for documentation on how to use it next.

You guys rock!

@codeberg Package registries are even better than I thought... amongst many other types even supports your own PyPi registries ... 🎉

Already using that!

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