In order to talk about our captcha's accessibility, we're scheduling a public meeting tomorrow (Thursday 2022-07-21) at 19.00 CEST (17.00 UTC), probably via the BigBlueButton hosting of @senfcall.

We hope to get through the important topics within an hour. I'll
happily share the link here if anyone is interested to join us.

We just created the meeting link: Feel free to join us at later today. The schedule might be somewhat tight for the first hour, but we appreciate discussions afterwards.

Thank you very much!

@codeberg Also feel free to read the history of captcha's accessibility on the Codeberg community issue tracker, to become more informed about it.

@codeberg but I think you do need to share the link in order to say it's public...

I would like to drop in if I can.

@codeberg @senfcall interested. If you're shy about publishing the participant link you could stream somewhere and share that more widely. Invite people from that streams chat on request.

@doctormo @codeberg I'm interested in observing the discussions, but I have no real insights beyond the obvious (i.e., CAPTCHAs are by design an accessibility roadblock). I'd appreciate something like that.

If you want to know whether something's accessible to screen readers, I've got Orca, Firefox and Chrome to test on.

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