So...if I'm going to migrate off GitHub, I have choices. I could self-host (on Dreamhost, my go-to provider, or maybe SDF). Or I could use something like Sourcehut. My projects aren't very big or heavy in traffic. Curious what folx on Fedi have tried and found useful.

@roadriverrail I have a few things on git.m0yng.UK using @gitea

If you go this route, be sure to have a nice robots.txt to stop all the SEO crawlers from checking every single diff page :alex_grimace:

@M0YNG @gitea Right...this is the sort of remark that makes me shy away from self-hosting. I don't have time to keep up with my own maintenance needs like that.


@roadriverrail That's the reason we created Codeberg.

Other good options include disroot's Git service, and potentially SDF and sourcehut, too.

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