Our timeline is filled with people celebrating that plans to offer a freemium version of for the browser.

Just in case you didn't know:
, @krita, @inkscape, and many other great graphics tools are already available - free/libre to use, free to improve, free to share. Check them out! 💙

@codeberg @krita @inkscape

Indeed, any many more graphics / video / animation / etcetera design tools of all kinds.

If anyone wants to finally keep track of them by maintaining a curated list, then give me a heads-up :D

@humanetech Hi! I would be interested in contributing. I have experimented with a lot of different creative FOSS software for digital art, animation, photo manipulation, and music production. What are the expectations as far as list maintenance?

@ADHDefy That is great!

It is not hard. Best is with a repo on #Codeberg and maintaining the README with the curated list.

There are some rules for formatting, such as having a ToC, and the delightful badge, etc. explained here (see sub-pages):

Quickstarting you might duplicate from another list. @yarmo has good examples e.g. for list format:

And for table format:

@humanetech @yarmo Cool! I am going to start working on this. Is it better to make one big list for "creative tools" and break it into catergories, or to have multiple lists for audio tools, visual art, video, etc.?

@ADHDefy @yarmo

You might start with multiple categories, and can split into multiple lists later when it grows. Though audio / video is a bit separate from visual design tools, maybe. Might have two lists. I leave it up to you, whatever you prefer. I am very happy you wanna pick this up. I am not working with many of these myself, but have seen so many beauties of FOSS come by.

@humanetech Okay! I have made a #delightful list. :ClapHD:

I plan to add "Writing" and "Game Development" section to this list very soon, as well, but I'm still doing a little research.

Your documentation was fantastic, so hopefully it all looks good, but please let me know if anything needs fixing.

@ADHDefy Ohh, I love it 😍 💎

There's some minor things, and I'll add an issue.

True (and I use them!) But they are not available via browser what makes a huge difference for chromebooks i.e.. :)

@grischa @inkscape @codeberg Inkscape can be installed on chromebooks.

Also I have a highly experimental (and temperamental) version of Inkscape running in a browser. Needs investment and interest. So far, not much interest in it.

@sudo @grischa @inkscape @codeberg sure, but I think people are put of by the saas nature of it. What they want is an iPad app, not a server

@codeberg @krita @inkscape And, with these free tools, you don't have to upload all your graphics to #adobe, either — you can keep them privately on your own machine. And no one's going to restrict the number or size of images you can work with, or nag you to upgrade to a premium subscription, or plague you with adverts.


I can especially recommend @Krita as a #Photoshop alternative!

Sure, it might lack some features but for what I do (light #image editing) it's super good I'm especially blown away by the fact that it seems to be able to deal with #colorprofiles for #printing quite well (quite a pain in Linux in general).

(Inkscape and Scribus are not really alternatives to PS in my opinion and I prefer #Krita over #Gimp in most cases.)

@jfml One of the arguments by Adobe users is: tools are very well integrated. To your experience: what is the state on this with Free Software? @codeberg @Krita

@kirschwipfel @codeberg @Krita Mh, what does integrated mean? How you can work with files/assets from one program in another?

@jfml I can't tell exactly, this is just what Adobe users say. Something like easy editing an image in Photoshop while working in InDesign. I assume this means something like: having an "edit" context menu entry, which open the image in Photoshop and when saving it, automatically updates it in InDesign. @codeberg @Krita

Well, I can at least confirm that this workflow works well between Scribus and anything else. I can "Edit" an image, e.g. in GIMP, and it is updated as soon as I save (export) it again.

~ otto

@codeberg @kirschwipfel Yeah, I noticed that updating changed images is far superiour in #Scribus than in Adobe software as well (not being able to reling images is still super scary, though +__+). Krita seems to handle .PSDs pretty good as well.

@codeberg Your timeline is weird. How did you manage to get that one?


@krita @inkscape

tbh it was in the trending hashtags, not exactly our follower's content.
@krita @inkscape

@codeberg @Krita @inkscape Big shoutout to the folks over at #Scribus, we use their software for many publications - thanks!

@codeberg @krita @inkscape
Honestly, the best part about this is my hopes that we can turn photoshipping into an untrademarkable word for it's use in the general. Like dumpster.

@codeberg @krita @inkscape There's also something called Glimpse, a fork of the old Gimp UI, but unfortunately they only distribute it as a snap. Also source dist, but I haven't succeeded at building it due to dependency loops I couldn't figure out how to resolve.

@codeberg @Krita @inkscape
Can photoshop even use avif and webp yet? 😂
Because gimp can for sure.

@codeberg @krita @inkscape ah yes, the browser, running JavaScript. Obviously the *best possible* place for a compute intensive photo manipulation software.

Whoever thought this was a good idea should be barred from using a computer.

@codeberg @krita @inkscape Also, I bet, I JUST BET, that it's going to be artificially restricted to Chrome. You open that sucker in Firefox and you get an overly patronising error message telling you that only Chrome works, until you spoof the useragent of course, then it runs with zero problems on Firefox or literally anywhere else.

Because literally every other "app replacement" web service is like this!

@AgreeableLandscape ... I think you can be happy if the computation is even done in your browser, instead of uploading everything in the cloud and doing the interesting stuff where no one can inspect anything.
~ otto

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