@codeberg Cloud is a concept that won‘t last forever. Specifically I expect that you‘ll revert back by tomorrow! 😎

@ij Of course we are evaluating our decisions day-to-day. Maybe we'll come to another conclusion on April 2nd.

@codeberg @ij Thats the good thing about the cloud, you can quickly switch strategy

@codeberg pls no... now i wont even have git (only github)... why... why are you restricting all the platform only for fsf members? ;-;

This must be one of the best I've ever seen 😂


Going to the cloud sucks. We hardly had any in March in The Netherlands. Huge scarcity. Better go serverless.

@humanetech We also considered going serverless. We are still evaluating captcha solutions, and some proposed proof-of-work in the browser. So we had the idea to distribute the CI builds on browsers instead of servers.

@humanetech "Welcome to Codeberg. We'll quickly verify you are a human by building the latest GadgetBridge patch in your browser. Please be patient. Status: Fetching dependencies (1%)"

@codeberg Now THAT.. makes perfect sense. Though proof of work not needed. We all value it already. You are obviously doing very well 😃 thank you, Codeberg!

@codeberg vielleicht sollten wir opensenf.de in zukunft dort hosten

was meint ihr @senfcall ?

@codeberg Another advantage you forgot to note is the reduced latency in networking by being much closer to the Starlink satellites. Or do you operate your own yet?

@codeberg this is awesome! Reminds me of the internal post I made in my company last year announcing getting rid of our servers and going serverless 🙂

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