As previously announced: We are preparing our the second weekend in April, from 8th to 10th of April. Hacking on , , , small projects and bots or whatever you can think of ...

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@codeberg i think - im not enough good... anyways - i started moving back to closed-source (google apps, microsoft...)

@hacknorris @codeberg

Thats why its a hackaton, there are people around you can ask to help you.

Beside that its sad that the FOSS could not provide the solutions you need, but they are changable by contributions ;)

@6543 no. mostly im angry on servers, not code. this is worse (or things without any support like nextcloud)

@codeberg I wish I was competent enough to understand other people's code. I've always only been able to make my own programs work 😕

@pixelcode Don't worry, answering questions about others work, or starting a new project from scratch, are both options for this weekend 😉

@codeberg Would i be expected to speak out loud and/or use a webcam?

A webcam is a bit out of my comfort zone (best i could do is a virtual avatar :hehehe:​) and while i can speak doing so is kinda hard for me and I'd likely be fairly difficult to understand with how i speak (its probably easier to just say that in practice I'm not that far off from being mute)

But if people are okay with me being a faceless text only user, i might consider joining in and maybe adding a project idea I've been thinking of to a bunch

@eviedelta That's up to you. Especially webcams is definitely not necessary, but maybe help in getting to know each other.

Voice communication often helps in doing typing in parallel (e.g. coding + speaking can be parallelized whereas text-only communication has to be actively switched). From our experience, we always have text-only participants, but it's often harder to include them. Also, their reaction is often late due to the typing delay etc.

@codeberg yeah i do understand that it is much easier to communicate live with the ability to speak, if i could i would, but i probably wouldn't've asked if talking clearly over a microphone was easy for me and my mental situation

but thanks for replying, it's at least good to know I'm still welcome to join in either way

I'll definitely consider joining if i feel up to it, i might also consider adding an idea into the mix if i can put together a reasonable summery and goal for it

@codeberg noooooo I won't be near a computer during that weekend 😭

I hope it'll be a great success and many more hackathons will follow (when I can join too 🤩)


@loveisgrief We are going to meet in a BigBlueButton meeting, allowing audio/video and text communication.

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