On Friday the 25th March, calls for the next global . Their motto aligns well with the goals of Codeberg, non-profit and run by donations.

is real, and we should all do more to deal with it. Some ideas in this thread (feel free to share more) ↓

1) Write efficient software: care about performance, only use abstraction and convenience where necessary. Read your algorithm twice and consider improving slow parts. Use performant frameworks where possible.

2) Reduce communication and data storage: Does the data need to be fed over the web, or can it also stay on the local machine (also improving privacy-friendliness)? Do you really need to collect that data? Can this data be smaller, e.g. by compressing or using another format?

3) Reduce software usage: Do you need to run all the heavy CI pipelines on every commit, or can your full checks be less frequent? Does this service need to be available 24/7? Do you need to keep your PC online all the time?

4) Reuse hardware: Next to energy consumption and carbon gas emissions, buying new hardware also has its ecological and social costs during production and scrapping. Do you need a new machine? Do you need to buy gadget XY? Will you really use its full potential?

Running on older hardware is also a motivation for software efficiency, by the way.

5) Use renewable energy: Using renewable energy alone won't help against climate crisis, but if you buy the energy you really need from renewable sources helps reducing carbon emissions a lot.

In respect of future generations, double-check your energy provider and what they define as renewable energy: Does it really protect the climate? Will it leave trash that humanity has to deal with for hundreds of years?

is a global affair, and we can only help protect it together. Millions of people all around the world are already feeling the results on their own body. Let's act before it's too late.

Raise your voice, speak to colleagues, inform yourself and reduce carbon emissions within your means - for example with the points shared above.

Thank you very much - we appreciate more hints and opinions in the thread.

@codeberg Agree with all ideas except for "carbon emissions". Developers should reduce footprint in general which applies to both storage space and cpu usage (e. g. using link time optimization when distributing binaries)

@codeberg Hey, good posts. I have an addition:

6) Organize to force companies, authorities, and organizations to shift to climate-aware economics.

@codeberg Do you have sources about how to estimate the power it takes to make a computer? for further calculations depending on the use case for the hardware

@codeberg If we don't drastically reduce every military around the world (especially the US and China), no amount of effort will matter. Massive levels of demilitarization is absolutely necessary for dealing with climate change. Any effort not spent on that will be fruitless.

@codeberg this means drastically reducing NATO militaries (or even better: dismantling it) along with the militaries China, Russia, India, and several other countries.

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