Thansk for everyone who recommended to their friends, collaborators and favourite projects.

Although not everyone moved to Codeberg because of this (which is fine!), we spread awareness about alternatives and that development does not equal **b. This is what matters!

Thank you and keep going - Tell your friends! 💙

@codeberg I use multiple, this way if one goes down the source code is up in others. :)

Codeberg has been really nice to use!

@codeberg Perhaps having a spotlight / carousel of recommended projects on the home page would help adoption -

@federico3 There is already the explore feed, but a rework of the landing page to make it more inviting is on the roadmap.

For the explore feed, I recently considered hiding very boring projects, so looking at it is more interesting :)

~ otto

@codeberg We moved...and are very glad we did... coming from github and it's has been great....Thanks for the great work!

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