Did you already try on , or your own instance? What do you think?

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@codeberg annoying, another CI file in my project + no good runner for native instances (for big runs and other reasons to run outside of an container)

@mattmadness @codeberg ist es nicht einfach Zeit, ein Standard für die Konfigurieren von CI Pipelines zu entwickeln?

@codeberg I tried to sign on with my codeberg credentials but it did not work. Different credentials?

@JohnWalkerx @codeberg Oh, I didn't know about that. No I haven't thanks for informing me!

@codeberg Can it run KVM / Qemu virtual machines for building images and such?

@ck @codeberg no, it's just Docker images (I haven't tried running KVM/Qemu inside of Docker, but I suspect it won't be possible)

Those two things don't contradict each other. The main question would be whether or not capabilities allow for it and if /dev/kvm is available inside the container.


@ck @codeberg Yes, as we said we haven't tried it but we doubt it's setup for that.

@ck @mellium @codeberg

There is no kvm setup as it would eat more resources and would make administration harder for us ...

The solution for those edge cases, will probably be to (not jet existing) feature to run own agents.

@6543 @ck @codeberg If you really want KVM/Qemu and are handy with Python you could probably also use builds.sr.ht if you could find someone to completed this issue: todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/dispatch.

@mellium @6543
Yes, SourceHut is the alternative I am looking at. As far as I know, their builders have KVM enabled.

@ck @codeberg

If you refer to build docker multi arch images, you prbably do search for the wrong solution ...

As demo i can suggest to look at: codeberg.org/woodpecker-plugin

No, that is not it at all, I will likely at some point want to run e2e tests that actually boot an on with bootloader, kernel etc.
KVM is the "simplest" solution for that.

@ck @codeberg

ok now I'm interested on what kind of project you work on - sounds like an "embeded" one

No, I always wanted to build my own Linux, so I am using the pandamic to actually maybe get something done.
Chances are good it might go back to the procrastination pile before I ever need e2e testing beyond containers, but you never know.


@codeberg We've been pretty disappointed, to be honest. The configuration is needlessly complex compared to other CI systems and we've had a lot of trouble getting simple things working in Docker because it runs everything as root all the time (so you have to do lots more setup work to run things as an unprivileged user and make sure they work). On the other hand, the build matrix is far nicer than the other CI system we're considering moving from.

@mellium @codeberg

Hey, it would be good to know where the complexy did pop up.

What was the reason not having a simple config ? ...etc

We closly listen to those things, to make it better.

Thats why ci is in betta test, to make it better/work :)

@6543 @codeberg I'm not really sure what the reason is, but the config is the entirety of Docker Swarm config plus other poorly documented options, so it's just by default a lot more complex than many CI systems that let you run a simple script. It's been long enough since I tried to set it up though that I've mostly forgotten where all the issues came in, sorry. I know I reported a few of them on the issue tracker but it was a rather overwhelming number so I'm sure I missed some.

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