We just closed six issues at once for a feature. Guess what's live now!?


Yep, we can proudly announce the Codeberg Pages Server v2, now available to the public.

It comes with custom domains (!), serving from your different branches, repos and more.

Check it out at codeberg.page/ 💙

@meena Sorry, what do I miss? Was there a change regarding IPv6?

@codeberg i would change:

Or for zone roots where CNAME doesn't work:
ALIAS codeberg.page (or A


Or for zone roots where CNAME doesn't work:
ALIAS codeberg.page (or A and AAAA 2001:67c:1401:20f0::1)

@meena ah you mean the quick instructions, thank you for this hint (added, but is now cached haha) 👍

@lukas @codeberg I think Codeberg doesn't really want to officially recommend paid companies, so here's my personal experience: In Germany I like hosting.de (they are really cheap for .de and a bit on the expensive side for everything else), internationally Namecheap and Hetzner are quite good as far as my experience goes. Codeberg itself is at Gandi, which I think isn't too bad either.

@momar thank you that is a really helpful overview :) And thank you @codeberg for boosting.

@lukas @momar I have used Gandi.net for years for registrations and DNS hosting and have been very happy with their service.

@momar @lukas I wouldnt recommend Hetzner, since those Nameservers doesnt offer DNSSEC.

For the other companies, i dont know.

I personally prefer netcup and lima city for domains.

@surendrajat yes, it doesn't come included where I bought my domains.

@lukas well. I tested a few and settled on cloudns.net for now. Working well.

@lukas our ecobytes.net members have access to a DNS management interface and domains.

An even nicer association has a dedicated setup for DNS management at desec.io/


@CaptainStormblade I found the navigation to be difficult with Firefox + Orca on Linux, but possible to get the important information.

Another developer confirmed everything was alright by using Pericles.

If we missed something, please let us know!

@codeberg@mastodon.technology sweet - bytheway i accidentally setup an account with an invalid email and now i can't activate it

@codeberg This is great, thanks. So I can finally move my recent projects completely to codeberg where I still use GitHub to host the static site.

@james Technically, it's live since the day before, but we already had a first run bug-fixing ... so a rolling deployment :)

@codeberg @xosem @victorhck Maestros.... con esta movida se podría pasar la página de Github a Codeberg?

Thank you @codeberg and anyone who helped with this, especially @momar for doing an incredible job. I really love 💖 the features you just added, and finally there's a real migration path away from #Github Pages to something that's truly values-aligned with #FOSS initiatives 🙏

@codeberg This is really cool. Loving it already!

This will make life so much easier.

Congrats to the team! 🎉

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