If is your favourite hosting, what are your favourite services, products and solutions for other use-cases?
We're looking forward to hearing your recommendations! 😉

@codeberg Nextcloud (self-hosted) for files, calendars, tasks, meetings, etc.

@codeberg as a (very well integratable) "read it later" service -- I can even sync it with my #PocketBook for recipe and meal management as identity provider and central authentication instance for scripted calendar magic (e.g. backup/merge) for collaborative markdown documents


what happens now with our FLOSS mentions?
will you try to bring them into the codebergiverse? <3

@hanser We don't want to force anyone to use our service, there are plenty good (and worse) alternatives out there.

It was just rather interesting to hear what like-minded people on one service chose for their other needs, maybe you find something you like, too.

Maybe another project also does such lists where can be recommended then 😉

@codeberg Cryptpad for Google drive-typical things, like forms and co-editing text docs. And they really devloped their products in on year.

@codeberg XMPP for comms. Everybody can use their own service and still chat, lots of clients for every platform, and no venture capital nonsense.

@codeberg I'm a fan of Joplin for syncable note-taking in Markdown.

@codeberg Personally, I like #Syncthing for real cloud-free #Filesharing.
It's fast and easy and works quite well to me, and solves some issues I had with Cloud (e.g. slow transfer rates at times, costly storage etc)

@codeberg i have to say that I'm being more and more insterested in P2P.
I really like #Syncthing, for file synchronization across multiple devices/for sharing some files with other people. With #DecSync, it's basically almost a real cloud experience that you can get.
I also love #Briar, even though I use Signal, XMPP or Matrix more often.
#UnifiedPush is also awesome, I use it as an alternative to Google push services.
And of course #Keyoxide for identity proofs.

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