Dear Pages Users:

If your "pages" repo is currently private, please note that we will stop displaying the content of these repos in the next days.

Please switch the repo visibility to public if you want to continue using Codeberg Pages.

Thank you!

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@mondstern They will just stop working until they are made public again. You can then have a private pages repo without the content being exposed to the public.

@codeberg Oh, this is only no longer displayed, but remains in the account.

@SaulRS951 At the moment, you can have one pages repo per user or organization, but you can create organizations as a user.

In an upcoming version, each repo can be used to serve a page.

@codeberg thank you codeberg please keep being Cool And Good

@codeberg Wanted to give y'all a shoutout. Codeberg registration does not work for a blind screen reader user like me since the CAPTCHA has no audio alternatives. Already sent a mail about this but wanted to let people know. #Codeberg

@CaptainStormblade Hey there, yes we are currently having an accessibility issue - that's why we currently ask users to email us if they are unable to solve the captcha. We do not currently want to switch to a captcha service with decreased privacy.

We are tracking accessibility issues in, but things have been moving slowly. As far as I know, the Gitea maintainers have found an accessibility lead recently, so I hope this issue can get resolved soon.

@codeberg Yeah, hoping to get to work with you to fetch the current accessibility issues. The two big ones I already found are related to repository creation, I cannot reliably choose a license or a .gitignore for the project with a screen reader. Will continue comments on the issue. #Codeberg

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