Since last week I host my git repositories at @codeberg - sadly git apps like "Fork" on macOS doesn't support having an account on Gitea, but just for single repos. Unlike accounts for Bitbucket, Github Enterprise or Gitlab Server. The developers of Fork seem to be unwilling to add Codeberg/Gitea support, sadly... πŸ˜•

Any other recommendation for macOS to work with Codeberg?


@ij Hey everyone, please make sure to always ask for or even contribute to general interfaces, so every forge is supported (unless the maintainers are really uninterested, but they'll see more and more people requesting this).

This will not only help , but all or differently implemented forges.

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@codeberg This is my mail to the Fork support. But maybe it's also possible to do a rewrite of the API path? No idea, though...

@ij Hmm, I guess this means you don't have to add a general Git forge via an account, but there is another way to configure the Git urrl and fetch / push etc, so I guess the maintainers say there is a way (probably with limited features).

Is there a way to add a repo without an account?

@codeberg Yes... but using an account automatically add all of the connected repos to that account. At least that's my understanding how the account thing ought to work.

Sad for the developers of Fork that with that answer it's quite unlikely that I will buy their product. 😎
I don't think that it would be much work to add Gitea Server to the account list. But well... it's up to the Fork devs to decide, of course. And my decision to not use Fork then...

@ij @codeberg not to leak DMs or anything, but fork devs are looking into a PoC for adding Gitea support into fork. No timelines or anything, but the dev(s) seem generally positive about adding Gitea support (perhaps the support response you received was a generic response from a support agent rather than directly from dev, and they didn’t have insight into future roadmap?)

@gitea @codeberg Then again I'm a little bit surprised about (what I feel) the harsh answer from then. Better answer would have been like "yeah, we're looking into it, but it will take some time..."

I already thought about creating an issue, but couldn't find (again) their repository...

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