As a community maintained platform, we depend on your contributions, for code, systems, moderation and more.

A short poll. Feel free to add your thoughts in written form below.

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If something is holding back your contribution, can you tell us what's the matter?

Is it lacking documentation or difficulties to get started, or some other issues that can be solved on our side?

Feedback is highly appreciated 💙

@gerhardbeck I didn't find such an option. But feel free to comment in free text, these comments are of more value to us anyway.

@codeberg ok:
I'm for my group (@lerntools) a member of Codeberg e.V.
I can't code but try to contribute with bug reports and suggestions for improvements.

@codeberg some of us, like my friends, live in countries with heavy sanctions. This prevents many from contributing money.

@arh Thank you for your comment. Actually, we urgently prefer to receive more non-financial contributions at the moment, too.
Anyway, is there something we can do to accept money from these locations?

@codeberg I don't think so. Cryptocurrency is a way but many face trouble to trade cryptocurrency as well. Maybe you can ask someone who lives in EU to collect donations in Iran (and Cuba, etc.) and give them to you but that requires lot of trust.

@arh @codeberg

Hence, intelligence currencies solve the many fallacies which crypto currencies simply can't, the same way artificial intelligence never becomes self aware.
@arh @codeberg

To elaborate, creating value reduces the speculative need of crypto, eliminating risks, and voila, a currency model which grows as it's consumed, rather than needing to create consumption in order to keep inflation at bay.

I got you. DM/Matrix/Session me how much you wanna donate and I’ll do it on your behalf. Probono and also you don’t need to pay me back.


@Mehrad thanks. I have my ways of paying but if you want to help, join Codeberg as a member (if you're not already) or join @fsf. Thanks a lot for the offer. I'll contact you if I needed to donate more money.

I’ve been a member of @codeberg for quite some time now and I feel very happy about the smoothness and responsiveness. I’m donating via Liberapay if I recall correctly.

About @fsf though, I still am struggling to convince myself. As a PhD student I can donate just so much and EFF so far has been having a closer melody to my heart. But perhaps after graduation I can allocate more budget.

@codeberg my three year old daughter, she uses up a lot of my time and energy.

we didn't get the village it takes along with her 🤷🏻‍♀️

@meena same. Neither did we get the villages it needs. They consume lots and lots of energy. And they are very rewarding.

I lack of time and sometimes I'm a 🦥...

@M sometimes we all are 🦥...

Welcome to the family!

@codeberg I only learned about Codeberg recently and just created my account. And I too have a young daughter who uses up most of my time and energy. But I will give it a test and see how it goes and hopefully contribute some day.

@codeberg @gitea I love this relationship. Both Gitea and Codeberg are making this world a better place.

@escudoencriptado @codeberg @gitea 100% agree. It's nice to have an option for public git repositories that really seems to get the spirit of FOSS and isn't run by a giant for-profit mega corporation.

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