Hosted CI: Our closed alpha is accepting a few more early testers in the next round. Please note:

- we are adding only a few more projects for now
- CI access is provided "as is" and might break at any time
- there is still a long way until public access (finer resource control and abuse protection)

Request access:

Just saying: contributions to Woodpecker (currently still on GitHub) are very appreciated by our maintainers.

@danjones000 Here you can find the announcement for the second batch of testers, application is still possible.

@codeberg still on github?? when are you going to be self-hosted? :)

@craftyguy is a project that has been started independently of Codeberg. We have been heavily contributing to it recently, and a team member has become a maintainer there, but still - it's an independent project and their choice whether or not to move to Codeberg.

We are looking into offering a mirror at Codeberg where people can send patches to, which are then forwarded upstream or something, but that's just an idea for now.

@codeberg I am running woodpecker to - maybe let's share some agents.

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