Did you know that you can now link your account to and .com (fully optional)? This allows to assign migrated content to your account and a quick login via M$ GH.

- register a normal account (if not already done)
- click the "Link Account" section on the sign in page
- authorize Codeberg via a third-party service
→ migrated content from these platforms will be linked to your account
→ you can now login via these services, too (Warning: they will learn about each login)

@codeberg I am guessing this means you don't have to generate a personal token to migrate.

@tychosoft I'm not sure if I understand the question correctly. Migrating content and linking accounts are different topics.

Migrating content of Git is feasible without an access token. It requires an access token if you want to use the API to copy issues, pull requests, releases etc.

Linking an account does not migrate any data, but allows to link data alike "Migrated user XY from GitHub" to your local Codeberg username (which can even be different)

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