Codeberg is running 1.15 now, coming with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

We say thanks to all the contributors to Codeberg and upstream Gitea, you are awesome. Together, we are building alternatives to proprietary forges.

Read an introduction on our blog:

@codeberg clickable checkboxes! Yes! I used to use that extensively on gitlab to track progress in individual issues, and that was the first issue I had migrating ;). But I have also simplified some practices since then because of this...

@codeberg I like the idea of repo banners. I can see why people might want small private repos, maybe for personal config files or publish / deploy scripts that may touch personal infrastructure, or to collect statements about natsec crimes that's still too politically unsafe to publish yet, but a large or complete project?

@tychosoft The banner links to this FAQ section.

Of course, some private repos are allowed, and some examples are listed there. Personal note-taking or internal tracking of tasks etc is fine, too.

We're currently starting to display these banners in private repos consuming hundreds of megabytes (often for committing huge binary blobs), which is of course considered abuse. We're not a personal cloud hosting 😉

We'll see how it goes and learn from this experiment.

@codeberg "personal note-taking" is the TOS part I would probably cite if I were to put a private repo up ;). But yea, nobody should have multi-megabyte private repos...

@codeberg congratulations! The performance graph is truly amazing.

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