CI Status (small update) 

After the CI v0.14.0 release (, we're preparing for a first test run in the coming days on our testing instance.
Stay tuned - and thank you for your patience 馃檭

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CI Status (small update) 

@codeberg looking forward to this!

CI Status (small update) 

@dnkl will still take a while until this ready for a public launch ...

@uniq @foreverxml

re: CI Status (small update) 

@codeberg @dnkl @uniq I mean, testing is good! It will still take a while, but we will wait. :blobcatcomfhappy:

CI Status (small update) 

@codeberg Will there be also a hosted instance on your servers, or do I have to host #Woodpecker myself?

CI Status (small update) 

@avanc We are only talking about offering hosted CI service here.

Hosting a CI yourself is already possible and working fine.

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