Hey everyone, we're nearing the Gitea 1.15 release + deployment, but there might be some severe accessibility issues as a regression of the current Release Candidate.

Accessibility is a key, since an inaccessible UI means the software is /completely broken/ for some users, e.g. those who have to rely on a screen reader!

If you have some knowledge of web development and accessibility, or want to look into one of those, please let us know. We're looking for help on this topic ASAP every hand counts! Thanks!

@codeberg hey, I've lead making our web app accessible and I'm no stranger to testing with screen readers. Where do you need help with?

@charlag Hey, thank you for your quick response.

The most pressing topic is described here:

There are essentially two Gitea PRs that broke accessibility and we need a better solution as soon as possible.

@charlag Also, we're looking at improving this topic generally, maybe creating a Matrix Chatgroup or something to discuss this.

We need to improve many things, there is even a migration of the framework discussed, and we need Quality Assurance in the future. All this is rather long-term, but obviously we have to make sure we aren't caught by such regressions again.

We'd really appreciate every small or big contribution, now or in the future. Thank you.

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