Does your project already have a descriptive README?

From time to time we happen to encounter projects that don't even share the most basic information of what they are supposed to be, or if they do, not in a way that everyone can understand.

Do you feel busted? 😉 Go ahead and add some lines during our !

@codeberg don't forget about man pages for learning how to use a program! ^^

@codeberg aaand please, not just "this is a project written in WTFlang using best practice and latest bah" – or "foobar is an app for foobar". Write what your project *is about*, which audience you target, and some basic usage ideas. Thanks!

@IzzyOnDroid @codeberg


"Ocelot allows you to use Kumquat minions with Trivet."

I.e. please explain what your thing does so that people who aren't familiar with that particular ecosystem can still understand it.

@IzzyOnDroid paddy is an app to measure your rice consumption
Seems descriptive enough

@codeberg maybe you can help by providing a great skeleton or template?

One that captures best practices, hands structure to developers and can act as a checklist for devs setting up projects.

I myself turned into a template. But there are other such examples.

@codeberg I remember one of my first more substantial (but still non-collaborative) projects, I didn't even add a make file.. I just uploaded an executable! 😂

@codeberg you have to find the README hidden in the source files

@codeberg No one, not even #codeberg, will remember if we were good coders or bad. Whether it built or not, or even if it was useful. All that matters this week is that we few have docs where many did not, and this pleases you. So grant me this one request. Grant me ci! ;).

And don't forget to specify THE LICENSE!

Without any Open Source license, the code IS closed source and cannot be used by anyone without your explcit authorization.

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