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"We need more sharing not less" is funny to read about a commercial product that will not be shared itself, but only shares the work of others without attribution ... - Otto

@codeberg its always been suspected that there is GPL licensed code used in windows. This would kind of guarantee it, but in everyone else's proprietary products, too. This kind of cross contamination could become so widespread that the GPL could become unenforceable simply from the scope of everyone being effected and violating it. I do have great concern in this.

Man I never thought about it like that. This could be a great threat to FOSS and copyleft culture in general 😬

Laws only work if only a small number of people are breaking it !

@futureisfoss @codeberg indeed, scotus prefers the path of least "economic dislocation", should it get that far, and a world where everyone already had violated the GPL would be one where "least dislocation" would be to invalidate the GPL in some manner thru fair use. I also tend to think this is why they ruled against Oracle, as a practical matter of least economic dislocation, rather than from actual insight into copyright, fair use, or other reasons they should have.

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