Are your friends still on and other proprietary services?
Tell them about and other free alternatives to monopolistic SaaS solutions - they exist, and they improve with every user who joins them!

@codeberg If everyone joins one Gitea instance, we have the same centralization issue. And if everyone is on different servers, we don't have the network effect for contributions that made GitHub so popular and successful.

Would be interesting to learn what you think about this problem, and if you're actively looking into or even working on federation of PRs, issues, comments, etc. via e.g. ActivityPub.

@raucao We're definitely seeing the issue and we are really looking forward to federation. Once we have more resources, we are planning to invest some power (e.g. money to hire developers) to solve issues, and I think federation might be one of the most important ones.

But actually, for us the problem is worked around very well through community-maintenance. Every user can join the non-profit association, take part in decisions and elect those who realize them. That's different from big platforms. - Otto

@raucao Generally, we know that not everyone can and should join Codeberg, as we have strict rules that might not suit everyone (only FLOSS code for example).

So working on Federation will benefit everyone, as people can choose an instance that fits their need, but still being able to move off of etc while still being able to collaborate with the world - also with users on Codeberg.

Federation needs a massive amount of work on 's side, but we are welcoming everyone who helps in getting there

@raucao Generally this is a tough question where we don't have an official stance yet.

What will Codeberg become after Federation was added? Just another Gitea instance? Focused on a Community? Providing many additional features?

We'll see. At the moment, the most important mission is to make people aware of the fact, that is not the only way to work on code, that good alternatives exist and that no one should be forced to use a non-free Microsoft product for their work on .

@codeberg That's good to hear!

I just fear that your organizational solution can also be a hindrance to the real technical solution (in terms of not investing in federation). You're saying it's solved, because everyone can participate, but that's exactly the problem with centralization: when you have e.g. 50K people participating in decision-making, you get into politics, and a sizable minority of users will not get what they want, even within a FOSS community.

@raucao I totally agree to this and we should definitely make sure that there is some progress towards Federation.

At the moment, there are many other issues that need urgent attention, like accessibility issues, bugs and performance problems. Solving them will also help many other Gitea instances out there.

But you're right, we should not stop looking on federation.

There were some requests for small features (like only federating issue mentions etc) or people working on workarounds like Fedeproxy ...

@raucao And of course it would be easy to add some features like this, even on Codebergs side. Would be cool if you could mention an issue on another instance and it shows up there.

But this is only a workaround. If you really want to get closer to full federation, someone needs to do the hard work to come up with a working backend implementation and not some peanuts.

Until today, we haven't seen someone step up to do this very first step and fix the first roadblock that is a backend (e.g. ActivityPub).

@raucao If this was finally done (and we might want to use Codeberg funds to pay someone for it, if it doesn't get solved within the next months), many contributors could build the actual functionality on top.

Building the functionality without a concept will probably just lead into chaos, and I'd personally say that this currently keeps Gitea from adding anything there, because no one finds the time to focus on a massive backend implementation for a few months.
- Otto

@codeberg Yes, I was hoping for @forgefed to make progress on that front, but I think they're prototyping on Fedora Pagure now.

@codeberg @forgefed ... which is also great, because the AS vocabularies and such are necessary base work before you can implement in different servers.

@codeberg Makes sense. Definitely also see the same issues with our Gitea. Thanks for explaining your position and goals!

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