Are you extremely bored - or deeply motivated to improve Codeberg? We have a number of open issues that should be
- ☑️ checked if still valid / reproducible / relevant (feel free to comment your opinion!)
- 🔍 check if already reported upstream
- 📝 be reported upstream if not and
- 🔗 in any case linked with the issue url in the Codeberg issue

If you got some free cycles, have a look at and see if you can assist in cleaning this up!

Thank you.

Some more explanation on How To help us here:

- 👀 check out the discussion
- 🤔 consider if still valid or relevant
- 🔍 check the Gitea issue tracker at
- 🔧 try to reproduce on if the issue is not already listed
- 📝 file a bug report with as many details as possible and good explanations for reproducibility
- 🗨️ mention the issue (either the new one or your results from the dupe search) in the Codeberg ticket
- 🚀 ideally pick something up and improve Gitea!

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