Not my Thread, but I have the same question.
I also would like to fork a repo from github to codeberg. This is the only workflow I found, that would allow for merging updates from the base-repo into the fork. (Or are there more?)
Although the mirror option is "disabled by my administrator" on codeberg.

* What is the reason for that?
* Will this change in the future?
* How is the intended workflow for forking a repository from e.g. github -- if any?


@hanser Since Git is fully decentralized, it's very easy to use multiple remotes.
You can add the source as remote "upstream" and pull in updates from it. Just create a new repo on your Gitea instance and push the fork + eventual changes there.
Resubmitting patches to upstream would require a GitHub account in both cases, but anyway there is no need for the migration feature for using a fork.
We're doing this with the Gitea fork at codeberg.org/Codeberg/gitea - pull fromo upstream and push to the fork.

@hanser Mirroring on Codeberg was disabled, as this feature does not add much benefit after all, it's very easy to pull the changes directly from the source, no need to use up disk space on every instance. In addition, mirror repos don't add specific value as forks would do.

And the feature was heavily abused, some users created hundreds of forks of the biggest repos, they are auto-updating, even if abandoned.

Read more: blog.codeberg.org/mirror-repos


@hanser Manual mirrors are of course possible, as they at least require user action, so they only exist if someone actively considerrs them useful.

I hope you understand the reasoning behind disabling this feature, as we don't need to mirror every available project to Codeberg, but only those where someone is actively working on.

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Thanks a lot for you immediate and extensive response!
I suspected something like this to be the reason for the mirror deactivation.

The git-way with the upstream remote sounds like the way to go, thanks for pointing that out!

I just added a PR which adds a link to your blogpost reasoning the mirror-feature deactivation (untested!)

Not sure how often you got asked that before (if at all) but to make it less likely you will be bothered in the future. :)


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