We are seeing Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks doing huge numbers of parallel "git fetch/pull" in parallel. We are mitigating by banning all IPs involved in these attacks.

If you are accidentally affected of this block, for example because you are running a TOR exit node, because you did a legitimate request to one of the repositories in question while the attacks were running, or because you are the owner of a repo in question, please contact us so that we unblock your IP.

@codeberg Huh interesting on who would do such a thing - I though you guys were pretty new and didn't yet had the opportunity to make enemies, but I guess I was wrong...

@codeberg Sounds like something that fail2ban could do from now on?

@claudius fail2ban is part of our toolkit ;)

Problem with these attacks is that IPs are changing every few requests (presumably TOR exit nodes)

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