Liberate the code! is not the gold standard for hosting. Free alternatives exist, there are and instances out there. And if you don't know where to go, you can join today - the community-maintained hosting.

@codeberg Have you seen the news of Phabricator becoming unmaintained?
Bug tracking needs to be liberated too, and GitHub/Gitlab/Gitea single-repo bug tracker simply isn't suitable for projects that need to track them across multiple repos and versions.
Do you have any thoughts regarding a non-profit issue tracker hosting, Phabricator-based or otherwise?

@musicmatze @codeberg Which is also to say, there's more to code hosting than Git. One of the reasons I use Sourcehut is its #mercurial support.

Agreed, we lack some flexibility there.
We've already seen one person use only the Release feature to upload versions of their manually managed (no VCS but rather code to the public haha 😂


@codeberg I'm thinking of moving away from gitlab to codeberg for my #interpeer repos. I'm just wondering, it's hard to find out: is there some kind of CI available?

@jens Hosted CI is not yet available to Codeberg repos, sorry. We're currently setting up a new server that will hopefully allow us to build this kind of feature - with user feedback here:

You can of course integrate your own CI runners with Codeberg / Gitea, this is possible.

@codeberg That's the part I was hoping to avoid, but I understand. Thank you!

@jens Hosted runners will come, we're still figuring out the exact technical setup.
Just make sure to follow us for updates.

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