Do you 💙 Codeberg?
We do not offer pro accounts, yet we need funds for the operation of the platform.
If you want to support our work, please consider a donation or joining the non-profit Codeberg association which also allows you to take part in decisions of the project.
Thank you!

@alefvanoon No, we don't quite like the overhead of the well-known cryptocurrencies and are still in search of a good balance here. Until this is decided, we didn't set any cryptocurrency up, sorry.

Read about the discussion:

@codeberg Joining Codeberg e.V is super easy, just fill out this form:

@charlag @codeberg if you don't give a shit about free software, why would you be donating to #codeberg in the first place?

Are there private repositories for personal stuff, e.g. book writing or research?

@nurinoas Yes, you can use private repos for personal notes, internal discussions or preparation of open source content, as long as this only uses a reasonable amount of resources.

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